Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Zoo Boise

So, I tried doing the blog monthly so that people don't have my stuff popping up in their faces all of the time. It hasn't worked for me. By the time the end of the month comes around it's a daunting task to try and put together all of the pictures, stories, events, memories, etc. that I gathered from the month. I've decided I'm going to have to break the blog down by event with perhaps a monthly wrap-up to include things that aren't necessarily covered by a single event (e.g. my little boy's awesomeness). Sorry if it becomes obnoxious! Without further ado I present ... ZOO BOISE!

We went to Zoo Boise for me. I'm not dumb enough to think that Caleb will retain any memories from things like this, but I will. I'll remember how big his eyes got when animals caught his attention, I'll remember snuggling him by the lions, and I'll love looking back on those things even though he won't remember them. Plus, as a bonus for this particular mommy-memory making situation, I just flat-out enjoy zoos; Mr. Mitchell and I hadn't been to one since we were dating, so it was time.

Bald Eagle
Giraffe skull.

C.G.'s 2nd favorite part of the zoo.

Smiley boy!

He really wanted that bottle!

It was nap time at the zoo.

Snuggling my baby at the zoo.

Keeping an eye on the monkeys.


Kookaburra - he never laughed.

Wild goose on her egg in the middle of the zoo.

He didn't want his head in there.
C.G.'s favorite was definitely the monkeys. They were the first things we saw and went back to them a couple of times just to watch C.G. watch them.

Here are the silly monkeys that C.G. liked the most because they were so loud.

Here's a video showing C.G. studying the monkeys.

For the life of me I cannot recall this little creature's name, but he was one of Mr. Mitchell's favorites because he was so nimble for his size. I thought he was a pretty cute little guy.

My favorites were the red panda and meerkats. The meerkats really enjoyed showing off for us that day.

We had a wonderful day at Zoo Boise.

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