Saturday, 16 August 2014

Mr. Tidy

A little nickname we have for Sprout is Mr. Tidy because he loves to help clean and has a little OCD streak (like his mother). Here are some of his recent cleaning endeavors:

He loves to sweep. I think we'll have to get him his own Sprout-sized broom for his birthday so he'll stop stealing mine.

Sometimes he'll ask for the scrub brush out of the blue so that he can go and scrub walls.

Any excuse to get in the toilet...

He also loves to wash dishes, put away laundry (it ALL goes in his pajama drawer), weed the flower bed, make Mommy & Daddy's bed, and put the vacuum away. (He doesn't like to help vacuum and instead sits on the couch watching the vacuum's every move.) I hope he'll always be this helpful, but I get the feeling it won't last once he realizes most people don't clean for fun.

Holdaway Family Mini-Reunion

My side of the family had a very mini, mini-reunion in July. It was pretty much my parents, my sister's family, one brother's family, and my family. (Mr. Mitchell and my sister's husband couldn't make it.) The boys had a night of camping and the girls had a night of movies and shopping. We were all spoiled rotten by my parents and had a great time. I don't have many pictures because my memory card filled up. Sad.

He wanted to go on the camping trip.

He had to sit on the edge like Ryanna.

A very tired grandma.

June and July 2014

Hello blogosphere. I am trying to inch my way back into your world even though I have neglected you for a few months. Reason: summer. I hate summer. I used to love summer. Then I got married. Now I'm a summer widow. It is what it is. It provides for our family and my husband loves his job. Anyways, this is pretty much just going to be whatever I find on my camera. Enjoy.

He LOVES being on mommy and daddy's bed.
 Probably because he's not allowed to sleep in it.

I went and bought him his own styrofoam
wreath so he would leave mine alone.
Helping mommy with the Cool Whip.

Whether or not we have swim diapers on hand it appears to be swimming time.

He loves the August thunderstorms.

4th of July

Mr. Mitchell was sent out on a fire on the 4th of July, so Sprout and I took a last minute trip over to Mendon to celebrate.  There really aren't enough pictures to justify its own post, but, what the heck? We went over to Hyrum for a fun fireworks display. I was worried Sprout would be upset by the loud noises, but he did great and was spoiled by his cousins and aunt and uncle.

Thanks for the 4th of July shirt, Grandma Holdaway!
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