Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Baby, Baby

Mr. Mitchell's mom and sister-in-law were super sweet and threw a baby shower for me over here in Cali. Because I don't know anybody here, and it was kind of last minute, it was just family that came, but it was very nice.

We played games.
Melted candy bar poop.
 We had refreshments.
All of his bath stuff revolves around ducks.
 We opened presents.
People were very generous.
 And I got to wear a badge of honor.

It says, "Baby Boy!"
I'm at 34 weeks, and we're finally getting all of the baby stuff together. My mind revolves around three things right now: baby, money, Disneyland. Unfortunately, Disneyland doesn't have much to do with the first two except for the fact that I couldn't get the Winnie the Pooh bedding set I wanted because it would have ended up costing almost $200. Instead, we have managed to get a crib, bedding set, and dresser for $120 total from Craigslist. Yay! Some things have required work, and the baby room is still a mess, but I will happily share pictures once I feel happy with how it's coming together.

Along with finally being in nesting mode my 34th week has brought my first encounter with a complete stranger touching my stomach. For those of you that may not know it: I have a bubble. Mr. Mitchell thought I was the most prickly person in the world the first 6 months he knew me because I don't just let people touch me. I had been dreading the belly rub from complete strangers, but this one wasn't too bad. I was walking to the mailbox and I passed a group of kids playing. One boy, about 4 or 5, stuck out his arm and patted my stomach as I walked by them.

"Are you pregnant?"

"Yes, I am."

"How many months are you?"



And that was the end. There was no weird rubbing or questions about things that are nobody's business but mine, Mr. Mitchell's, and the doc's.

I'm starting to frequently have celebrity dreams.

Some of them are less pleasant than others.

She followed me everywhere yelling,
"I had sex before I was a snowman!"

Most are hilarious.
He was my beauty consultant/butler. I'm guessing
it was a mix inspired by Miss Congeniality and The Dark Knight Rises.

My family and friends have been asking for a recent picture, and so I finally took one where I'm dressed and ready to go.

I'm 34 weeks.
I measured 37 cm. long at my last appointment.
When we first found out I was pregnant the only shirt I had at the time that we knew would fit my stomach the entire pregnancy was a very stretchy undershirt I have. We decided to take all 'official' profile pictures in that undershirt so we can really see how I'm growing. I feel that when people change up their shirts for their pictures the patterns, tightness, style, etc. get in the way of really showing how much they grow. So, in case you were wondering about the blandness of all previous profile pictures, you now know.

Overall, things are good and I'm enjoying getting ready for this baby to come.
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