Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The Much Anticipated Our First Date Part 2!!!!

So, PJ Prom was approaching and I had nothing to wear. I own about 20 pairs of pajamas, but still, I had nothing to wear. The big day arrived and I finally decided to take a trip to the mall to get new pajama pants. I knew what pajamas Paul would be wearing because he's obsessed with them so I thought I would try to get something that matched. I never even got close. However, in American Eagle I found a cute pair of girly pajamas with teeny tiny useless pockets and everything. They were perfect. My roommate did my hair in enormous curls and I pinned it up a bit to try and keep it somewhat tamed and then I sat and waited....and waited...and waited...and waited...and finally I texted Paul and asked him why he hadn't come to pick me up yet. He told me that I was supposed to go over to his apartment since he was making dinner. Psh. Fine. So I walked the 20 steps over to his apartment and the date began. He made me a delicious dinner of salad and steak and then we drove over to the building for the dance. We arrived a little bit early and decided it was better to be fashionably late so, Paul drove over to fill the truck up with gas. I thought he was just using his time wisely, which he was, but for a more specific purpose than I realized. We then went back to the dance which was now hopping and had endless amounts of cream puffs. We danced and had a good time. Here are some pictures of his stellar fire pajamas and my cute ones.

(Everyone can just admit it...I'm way cuter than Paul.) Anyway, we had a good time with our friends and just dancing in our pj's and eating lots of cream puffs. After the dance he said he had a surprise for me (which will now explain the impromptu decision to fill his truck up with gas). He drove us up to the Sundance Resort, pulled out some blankets, and then pulled out a star chart. It was such a cute surprise! Nothing fancy yet absolutely perfect. We spent quite a bit of time looking for constellations and stars and during our astronomical hunt, we even saw a shooting star. Paul told me to make a wish and I did. I found out later that Paul wished that he could kiss me and it wouldn't be weird for me. :) How cute is that? I wished that things could get better in my apartment and that the drama could disappear. Paul's wish came true faster than mine, but that shooting star did us both some good. All in all, it was a perfect first date.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Our First Date Part 1

So, after our first visit to 210 we became frequent visitors. We eventually got to the point where we would knock on the door once and then just let ourselves in. If the door was ever locked we took personal offense and went back to 208 and sulked. We liked to lounge on their giant lovesack, snuggle with Jeff the body pillow, and play Guitar Hero. There were quite a few of us in my apartment that were developing crushes on Paul and I had no idea. We would all just hang out together all of the time and it was great fun. One night the girls in my apartment decided to plan an apartment group date and most of them were taking boys from 210. I wasn't going because I was waiting for a call from another boy whom I had recently shut down with the, "I don't want to date but we can be friends" line. I was waiting to see if he was going to follow through on his friendship end of the deal. Paul hadn't been asked (bizarre...really...girls are chickens when they like boys) and so he popped over to our apartment to talk and hang out while people were getting ready for their dates and I sat on the couch and sulked. (I know, I know, why was I sulking after I did the turning down? Well, I'm a girl...duh.) I sat there secretly hoping that Paul would ask me to go out with the group that night, but he didn't. (I bet you thought that was going to be our first date. He he he he, you were wrong.) I later learned from my roommate that he had been thinking the same thing.

Eventually November came with my birthday, which he helped make fun by helping set up my surprise birthday party, and then December with Christmas, with our big family (210 and 208) Christmas, and then January came, he took another girl out on a date to the Masquerade, and then February came, and we had another big family party for Valentine's Day. Then...came the beginning of our apartment drama. (I promise this story leads to our first date.)

Paul asked me out for a walk which was not unusual. We often walked along the river trail and talked about whatever the heck we felt like. It was nice to be able to open up to someone so easily. Eventually it got too cold for walking but we weren't done talking so we decided to go for a drive. I went into my apartment to get some hot chocolate and one of my roommates that was crushing on Paul wanted to know where I was off to. I told her I was going for a drive with Paul and I got a weird vibe from her but didn't think anything of it at the time. Paul and I went on a drive and we talked and talked and talked and talked and talked and then he said,
"Do you know why I want to hang out with you all the time?"
"Cuz we're friends! Tee hee hee!"
"No. It's because I like you."
"But I can't ask you out because it would cause bad feelings in your apartment."
"Yeah, ----- likes me and I don't want to hurt her."
And then he took me back to my apartment where I was confronted by my roommates who said,
"How long have you been secretly dating Paul?"
"I just barely found out that he likes me!"
"You haven't been dating?"
"No. In fact, he said he won't ask me out."
"Oh. Ok."

Not too much longer after this event Paul texted me and asked me to meet him on campus so he could share his lunch with me. I don't say no to free food unless I think someone spit in it, so, I boogied on over to where he was. When I met up with him he had a fortune cookie for me from Panda Express. I thanked him and we talked for a bit and then went our separate ways. As I walked to my car I opened up my fortune cookie and started to unfold my fortune and thought, "Holy crap. This is the longest fortune I have ever seen." Then I started to read it and this is what it said:
I know I said I couldn't ask you on a date, or rather shouldn't ask. Instead I decided to ask you on two, hoping that I'm not to late on one of them. First - come to the PJ thing with me, it sounds fun and even if it isn't we could still make it fun. The other is just a normal date, whenever you want. I know your schedule is really busy, so you name the time and I'll make it work.
(That's what it said word for word. I know because I still have it.) (More parentheses...the 'PJ thing' that he was referring to was a little party called "Pajama Prom.") Paul had been super crafty and had put his own little 'fortune' into that fortune cookie and hot glued it shut in the original Panda Express wrapper. I was so excited that he had asked me out on a date but also terrified of how my roommates would feel. I called my sister and told her the whole situation and about how I wasn't sure whether or not I should say yes. She said,
"Sabrina. Do you want to go with him?"
"Then go."
So I said yes.

To be continued...

Friday, 16 April 2010

Paul versus Me

Paul wanted to register at Home Depot. I said no. We registered at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Paul wanted to put a motorcycle cake topper on our cake. I said no. We argued about elegant versus stuffy.

... ... ...I still have no idea if there's going to be a motorcycle on top of our cake.

Thursday, 8 April 2010


So, I'm sitting in my IPT class when my lovely neighbor shows me an enlarged picture of me that I'm feeling pretty certain she shouldn't have. I asked her where she got that picture and she told me she got it off of my blog. ... ... ...I did this blog as an April Fool's joke for Paul and only broadcasted it on Paul's facebook. None of my 'facebook' friends or 'real' friends (except my roomie) should be aware of the blog. Now that I was even more puzzled, I asked her where on earth she found the blog. She showed me that it showed up on the "Top Sites" of the internet browser of the laptop she had checked out from the McKay Lab.

(This is me puzzled...see why it's uncomfortable for me to be puzzled?)

Now a word from my lovely neighbor: Along with Sabrina, I am very puzzled as to how this blog showed up publicly on McKay MacBook laptop #1's Top Sites on Safari. So, creeper, whoever you are, just now you have been caught!! We know you're watching....and we don't like it. AT ALL.

All I'm really trying to say is: Hello to whichever one of Paul's friends is actually reading this blog! Hope it's not too disappointing and now that I know it is on public display I will try to make it more worth your while.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

The First Time I Actually Met Paul

So, I have to preface this story with the first time that I met Paul's roommate. Paul's roommate is a big guy that has no reservations about touching people and that caused some problems the first time we met. I heard a man talking in my apartment so I poked my head out of my bedroom to see who was there. I had never seen this specimen before so I wandered out of my room out of sheer curiosity. Before there was even a chance to introduce ourselves this guy tried to hug me... ... ...I was not okay with this and told him to back off. After a few more awkward encounters with this guy and some of Paul's other roommates I really wasn't sure how I felt about Apt. 210.

Then the invitation came.

Our apartment was invited to go over to Apt. 210 for dinner and games. I really did not want to go. Like, really, really did not want to go. I have proof. This picture is me trying to stay in my apartment as my roommates drag me out for a free dinner.

My roommates won and we walked the 20 feet to Apt. 210 for an event that would start relationships that would change our lives. We got to the apartment and everybody seemed to have disappeared except for that one surly guy, Paul Mitchell. We sat there awkwardly for a bit and then this Paul Mitchell started to talk. He wasn't nearly as surly as he looked - he was actually really nice and helped make the awkwardness disappear as he prepared our dinner. We all ate fabulous hamburgers, started to play Scene It, and then Paul left because he had other plans. I guessed it had something to do with a girl and was bummed about his leaving. (I found out later that he did, in fact, leave me for another girl.) However, about 5 or 10 minutes later he showed up again and continued to kick our butts at Scene It. It was a grand old time and I couldn't wait to go back to Apt. 210.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Funny Picture of Paul

The First Time I Saw Paul

So, I had just moved into the apartment complex. It was a new school year and a new living situation and I was slightly apprehensive of what the future would hold. Our ward had recently been organized into its FHE (Family Home Evening for those of you outside of the Utah bubble) groups and it was my group's turn to go visit a member of the bishopric. I hopped in the car with some of my roommates and we drove over to Brother Maynes' house unsure of who would be there and what it would be like. Picture the atmosphere in which I first saw my future: house of a married couple without any children so it contained many odd breakables such as a collection of kaleidoscopes, china plates, and various knickknacks; the house smelled of cats and pee although there never was a cat-sighting; middle-aged hosts - one with a combover and enormous glasses, one with an Emma Smith hair-do; 70's living room complete with couches made from brown, yellow, and green carpet-like material. After awkwardly sitting in the living room for awhile we finally did the dreaded introductions where everybody says their name, their major, and where they're from and everybody pretends to be interested in everybody else. Eventually we made our way around to a surly looking fellow in a black hat. I was expecting something like, "Jarvis McJagger" for his name. Imagine my surprise when the name "Paul Mitchell" left his mouth. I totally snorted trying to not laugh out loud as I pictured this guy shampooing some other guy's hair with his world-famous hair product. We then had a lesson and immediately afterwards I dashed into the kitchen for refreshments and started a conversation with one of Paul's roommates about Paul. Sadly, Paul had gone home so our official meeting would have to wait.


So, Paul really hates blogs. That's why I think this is funny.
Shampoo & Conditioner was inspired by his name and my awesome roommate.

Happy April Fool's angel-nugget-hunny-buns!
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