Monday, 7 April 2014

March 2014

The month of the slacker.

We spent a weekend pet/house-sitting in Cache Valley, and we were able to meet up with one of Paul's mission companions. They haven't seen each other in probably four years, and we somehow missed documenting that. Enjoy this picture instead.

I guess they're working out?

The next weekend I was able to go to Rexburg to watch my nieces' and nephews' ballroom competition.

Me, Mom, Dad, Jayme, Steve
Garrison, Max
My butt was super sore by the end of the competition, but it was so fun. I haven't been to a dance competition since I was in high school, and I have never been to one as a spectator. I do miss dance, a ton, but it was still very satisfying to sit and watch. Each of my nieces and nephews performed multiple team dances the first day, and were very busy the next day. They did a great job!

Here is a video of my youngest nephew's team:

Here is a video my oldest nephew and youngest niece's team:

Here is a video of my oldest niece's team. The gym lights went out at the end, but, the show must go on, and on they went:

My oldest niece also performed cabaret for the first time, and she did a great job.

After the competition we hosted a little bbq at our house and had my parents, the Smiths, Garrison, and his friend there. It was so fun to have the group there. 

Max entertaining Sprout while waiting for food.

I'm pretty sure other things happened this month, but I didn't document, and it was kind of a blur. The last thing I will share is my haircut. Talk about a change.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

TBT: Disneyland 2006

I am kind of starting to love Throwback Thursday. I wasn't going to do anything on here today because I'm behind on normal blogging, but so many people were putting their TBT pictures up on the internet that I couldn't help it.

I have been itching for Disneyland these days (that can also be read: I have been dreaming about Disneyland nightly) so I decided to go for a Disneyland picture. This picture was taken Christmas of 2006. It was the second Christmas we had spent at Disneyland, and I have decided that Christmas is the best AND worst time to be in Disneyland. Everything is extra magical with that Christmas glow, and the decorations are super fun, but it is is SO busy. Disneyland was so packed they kept driving shuttles around trying to convince people to hop on and go to California Adventure.

This picture is me, my dad, and my younger brother, Garrison, waiting in line for Peter Pan. As is normal for most families, my mom is taking the picture and so is not featured, but she is there behind the lens. There is something about Disneyland, and something about Peter Pan in particular (the story, the ride, the movie, etc.), that made me truly believe I didn't want to ever grow up. Now that I'm grown, it reminds me that I don't want to ever act old and fuddy-duddy.

Moments after this picture was taken my dad and Garrison took a flying ship, and my mom and I were in the one behind them. My mom and I were laughing the entire time as we watched Garrison try and touch everything within reach. He wasn't digging the 'little' rides that my mom and I adore in Fantasyland, so, my dad recommended he try and appreciate all the work and detail that went into making those rides what they were even if he didn't care for the ride itself. It turned into Garrison trying to touch everything outside of his vehicle on every ride. It was like he was three years old, but don't be fooled: he was 16.

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