Wednesday, 15 May 2013

C.G. and ISR

If you don't know what ISR is, you need to look into it by clicking here.

I totally trust Mr. Mitchell to teach our kids how to swim, but he wasn't feeling really confident about teaching C.G. survival skills in case he fell in the water. We got signed up with Dotty Jones (She was fantastic! You can find her in the link above.) for lessons three times a week to teach him how to rollover onto his back and float in case he ever falls into water.

Concentrating on swimming.
 Dotty had C.G floating by the end of his first lesson. By the end of the week she could tip him into the water face first and he would rollover and float. It's a relief to know he has developed that skill. (If you take it upon yourself to teach your baby to float, NEVER assist them by supporting their head. If they land in the water without you they'll keep throwing their head back into the water trying to find your hand.)

When we told Dotty that we were moving to Pocatello for work she asked us to put on our suits and join in for the last few lessons so that we can help C.G. retain the skills he's learned.
Teaching Daddy how to do it.


Floating with Daddy.
We don't have a pool to go to right now so we practice in the bath tub.
Ducky towel after floating in the tub.
C.G. was able to rollover and float wearing a full outfit under a snow suit by the time we left Boise. Had we been able to continue the lessons (nobody in Pocatello does ISR) C.G. would now be learning how to hang onto a wall to keep his head out of the water. I very strongly recommend ISR lessons for any children not old enough for swim lessons, and especially infants. This program has literally saved lives.


  1. This is amazing!I wish we had something like that down here. CG looks so big and blonde. He looks like you and Paul, 50/50. That's excellent! I love him so much, and we can't wait to see you and CG in June! Sounds like you guys are doing great! :)

  2. Wow thats interesting.. who knew babies could do that. Way cool.

  3. Jealous! I really want Henry to do ISR. I would have done the instructor program myself if it wasn't so inconvenient (and expensive) to be certified. Oh well. Guess we got to move out of Provo to even have an opportunity.

    1. It seems super odd that nobody in Provo would do ISR: there are a bazillion babies! They'd get rich. How are you guys doing?!?


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