Sunday, 13 October 2013

Pumpkin Patch

Grammy and Grandpa Earls came for a visit, and the highlight was probably the pumpkin patch. If I don't get to a pumpkin patch my fall is incomplete, and we found one not too far from our home here in Poky.

There was a perfect photo opportunity right when we arrived.

He found it mildly entertaining. The wagon came right when we arrived so we didn't have to wait long to go and get our pumpkins.

There were many to choose from so Mr. Mitchell and I went off to find our pumpkins while Grammy and Grandpa played with Sprout.

After the wagon took us back to the entrance we went and looked at the animals, played some games, and went through the corn maze.

Sprout was completely tuckered out at this point and fell asleep in the corn maze.

It was a very fun pumpkin patch adventure. Grammy and Grandpa also spoiled us with a delicious lunch at Texas Roadhouse and new shoes for Sprout. While they were here I also got help from Mr. Mitchell and Grammy to make a Halloween wreath, and with their assistance I think it turned out pretty darn cute!

Thank you for visiting, Grammy & Grandpa!

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Birthday Party for Sprout

Mr. Mitchell and I agreed on a little party for Sprout's first birthday. It was very little indeed with just Aunt Jayme and cousins, but we had a very good time, and I had a fun time putting everything together for a milk & cookies party.

We sent out invitations:

And presents and cards started coming:
He had these presents teasing him for about a week.
And then it was party day:

First we had to clean and get ready for company.

We had buffalo ranch chicken sandwiches, salad, and orange fluff for lunch. Then we had chocolate milk and lots of cookies. Then we had a cake that mommy tried making that should be submitted to CakeWrecks.

After the video ended we all helped blow out his candle, turned the lights on, and Sprout's response was to lift one little hand and go, "What?" It was a funny, funny thing.

Then we finally got to open presents! He received cards, clothes, toys, and books from lots of family. His favorite gift is his very own stool to push around the kitchen floor. I can understand how that might be confusing if you haven't seen the boy in action, but it is truly one of his favorite past times. Mr. Mitchell's favorite thing that Sprout received were blocks, and my favorite thing that he got was a Batman fedora.

Then we went and explored a house I want to buy and explored downtown Pocatello. That was kind of a letdown because apparently everything shuts up at 4pm on Saturdays on Main Street except for the bar. We returned home and had a rousing Guitar Hero festival.

Then it was time for the Smiths to head home so they packed up some goody bags with cookies and said goodbye.

Thank you Aunt Jayme and Smith cousins for coming and playing! We hope you can come again soon.

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