Wednesday, 29 June 2011

My Man, Mr. Mitchell

I have always admired military wives: it would be so hard to be separated from your spouse for a year or two at a time. I have been apart from my Mr. Mitchell for 6 weeks today and I am ready to eat my own head, so, I think it is safe to say that my admiration and respect for these women has grown. How do they do it and keep sane, especially if they have children?

Mr. Mitchell has been a steady force in my life for almost four years. We went from friendship, to dating, to marriage, and even if we weren't getting along very well during our friendship years, he was there for me. I have come to rely on him so much for strength, spiritual guidance, happiness, and love, along with several little things. He can still do these things for me, but it's a little more difficult when he has to do it over the phone and through text.

I miss kissing my husband goodnight every night and snuggling with him when we wake up in the morning. I miss cooking for him and, even more, I miss eating his delicious cooking. I miss him trying to scare me when I'm in the shower. I miss him playing with my hair while we watch a movie. I miss him singing silly songs. I miss his unexpected kisses and squeezes. I miss being able to massage him after he has a rough day at work. I miss silently enjoying each other's company as we read our own books. I miss reading books together. I miss going on motorcycle rides. I miss walking to church together. I miss having him tuck me in to bed when I'm tuckered out before he is. I miss seeing his robe hanging on the door. I miss him waking up early on a Saturday morning to make me waffles. I miss him encouraging me to do something fun for me. I miss hearing his motorcycle or truck when he pulls up to the house. I miss falling asleep knowing my husband is by my side. I miss watching Saturday cartoons with him. I miss knowing that Friday night is our night. I miss lazing on the couch with him and planning trips around the world. I miss cuddling with him and feeling that perfect moment of peace. I miss saying our prayer together, side by side.

...I think I'm getting my point across: I miss my husband and all the little things it means I don't have when he's not around. There are so many things that I took advantage of while we were together that I never even noticed I loved, until I couldn't have it anymore. Heavenly Father blessed me with a wonderful man who is working so hard to be a good husband and preparing to someday be a good father. I have been blessed with a man who has an amazing heart and who has trusted it to me.

Give your loved one a giant kiss today and say a prayer to Heavenly Father that is only full of thanks for your loved one, whoever it may be.

Good Memory:
We went to Crater Lake last summer and, as we were finishing our loop around the lake, Mr. Mitchell suddenly pulled the car over and got out without a word. I knew nothing was wrong with the car, so, I sat patiently and waited for him to come back, thinking he was picking up a piece of trash. When Mr. Mitchell got back in the car he handed me a little bouquet of wildflowers that he had picked on the side of the road. It was a very sweet moment and I held onto those little wildflowers for months.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Words of Wisdom

Here's a little inspiration for all of you struggling individuals.

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