Sunday, 15 March 2015

Poems Worth Reading

A Poem in Yellow
(And Other Happy Colors)

A Poem in Blue, Blue, Blue

Monday, 9 March 2015

February 2015

Just some items to share from the previous month:

We dressed Little Lady in this cute ladybug outfit, and no matter how many times we tried to explain to Sprout that it was antennae on her hat, he insisted that he needed a Mickey hat, too. So, into the costume tub we went and got him a Mickey hat so they could 'Mickey it up' together.

Sprout helped me make red velvet cupcakes to take to friends on Valentine's Day. His favorite part was eating the batter.

Sprout has taken a recent interest in holding his sister. He once asked to hold her on the tractor, and we figured he could give it a shot since Little Lady's so good at holding up her head. She did great with him for a bit, and Sprout loved it.

Being a big brother is exhausting work.

All of my loves:

Grammy and Grandpa Earls came to stay with me the week Mr. Mitchell was out of town for work, and for some reason this is the only picture we have. They helped make sure that I got naps and that the dishes stayed done. The dishes always being done might have been my favorite part...

The weekend following I was able to host some of my family for a game day. It's a long story of how this picture happened, but it cracked me up that Sprout wanted so badly to be on his phone outside with the big boys. (Peoples in the picture: My brothers (Garrison, Ryan, Britton), my dad, Sprout, and my mom's shadow.)

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Little Lady: One Month

So, I am over here stressing out about when this baby will technically be one month old. She was born on the 30th of January, but there is no 30th of February. On the 27th of February she was four weeks old, but when is she one month? Can you see my problem? I've decided her one month mark is today.

Things of note:

  • She is incredibly strong. She's been able to hold her head up for good amounts of time since she was two days old, she seems to be trying to sit up sometimes, and she's accidentally rolled herself over once.
  • The longest she'll sleep at night is about 4 1/2 hours. We'll keep working on that.
  • She is the loudest sleeper in the world: she grunts, and grunts, and grunts, and squeals. 
  • She LOVES to be held and hates that we're trying to get her to go to sleep without it. 
  • She won't fall asleep without her pacifier in her mouth, but she doesn't need it any other time.
  • She has been smiling from day one, and we have doctors that will confirm that. It's a very real smile, and it is so cute. 
  • She claws at her face pretty badly, but we can't get the mittens or socks to stay on her hands.
  • Poor girl has had some nasty baby acne. 
  • She suddenly didn't fit her newborn pajamas anymore about three nights ago.

I'm not trendy enough to have those popular monthly pictures planned out, but I can slam quite a few pictures on to this blog from her first month. 

This little tongue kills me.

Now that she's one month old I finally ordered the birth announcements. I did decide to purchase a picture from the newborn shoot at the hospital so that I could it use it for the announcements. Below I'm sharing some more pictures that I'm not paying for and so they have the stupid thingy right across the middle. You'll see what I mean by 'stupid thingy' in just a second. 

Happy one month, Little Lady! 

Little Lady's Baby Blessing

On February 22, 2015 we had our Little Lady's baby blessing since both sets of grandparents could be in town at the same time. We were very blessed to have lots of family come: my parents, Mr. Mitchell's mom and step-dad, the Smiths, most of the Logan Holdaways, and my younger brother. Mr. Mitchell gave the blessing and my dad, my brother (Ryan), my brother-in-law (Steve), and our bishop were in the circle with him (Garrison was literally two minutes too late due to an accident). It was a beautiful blessing that makes me even more anxious to watch my daughter's life unfold.

The whole gang.

Cousins: Smiths and Mitchells on the couch. Logan Holdaways on the floor.

The best picture we have of the four of us. I have no idea why
 Mr. Mitchell is slumped, and I'm super far up and forward
 because I'm trying not to kill my tailbone.
Flanked by grandparents.

The cousin in the above picture hardly left this girl's side. Later that day he posted a picture of her on Instagram and said, "May you always be safe." It just about brought a tear to my eye. I am so glad to have so many people that will protect and love this baby.

Somehow spitting his milk out became a game.

Being uncled.

This boy had waaaaay too much chocolate cake. 
A huge "thank you!" to your family for traveling to this special occasion and making it a wonderful day. It is so fun to watch my family enjoying my children and watching my children get to know some of the people I love.

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