Thursday, 5 June 2014

TBT: Jealousy in San Fran

It's that time we've all been waiting for : Throwback Thursday!! I'm probably the only one that enjoys this, but it's like back-journaling, and fun. I struggle with finding pictures worth giving a 'holla' to because most of my pictures that are older than 5 years are at my mom's. So, I'm using this beaut that I rediscovered on Facebook recently.

Ready for story time? Let's go.

My brother, Chris, is sixteen years older than me. He's kind of been like a second dad. When I was younger and carefree and could do whatever I wanted (kind of) I was able to visit him often. One time he worked it out with my parents for me to go visit him while he was living and working in San Francisco for a summer. I was so excited! I always felt very special on these trips to visit my brother, and we always got to do fun things. I was so pumped! And then I found out.....THE girlfriend was coming, too... .... *dun dun dun*

Now, it wasn't unusual for Chris to have a girl along when I was with him, and it never bothered me. I could always tell that I was still in first place, and it was all good. There was something different about this girlfriend, though. I could tell that I was being nudged into second place, and that does not bode well when one thinks one is the princess. Now I HAD to go so that I could show everybody what was what.

I got into San Francisco, and for the first bit it was just Chris and me. We got to go zooming through the San Francisco streets on his motorcycle, we went to a Giant's game, we saw the Golden Gate bridge, I hung out with his roommates, and slept on his floor. Then one morning I woke up and heard another woman's voice. The OTHER woman, as it were. Now the motorcycle sprees were over and we had to take the truck. Now I was stuck in the backseat. Now I was in second place.

It didn't take an Einstein to notice that my cheery disposition had left the building to be replaced by flying daggers. I honestly hardly remember anything that we did while THE girlfriend was in town, but I very distinctly remember when this picture was taken. I wanted a picture of my brother and me, but he insisted that he get a picture of THE girlfriend and me. Take a good look at that picture. I'm trying to smile, but I'm all prickles and can barely turn up the corners of my mouth. I don't remember what happened right before, and I don't remember what happened right after, but I remember knowing my end had come.

Now that I'm 26 instead of 13 I'm grateful that my brother married Tiffany. I even like her now. I'm not really sure when that change came about, but Tiffany is a fun sister-in-law. Thank you, Tiffany, for being nice to me even when I clearly wanted to strangle you. Maybe we should retry San Francisco someday? I promise I'll be a much more civil travelling companion.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

May 2014

Hello all. May was a busy month that should be full of pictures, but I hardly have any. Mr. Mitchell and I celebrated our fourth anniversary (with a lovely night in full of good food and dessert), there was Mother's Day, and Memorial Day weekend with my family in Boise. Mr. Mitchell started work in Burley and has been doing an hour and fifteen minute commute to and from the ranger station. Sprout has started some early signs of entering his terrible twos. The busy summer season is upon me at work. Let's just say that we're all exhausted.

Here is what I do have for you guys - Random May Treasures:

Mr. Mitchell played in this car when
he was little and it has been bequeathed to
Sprout. Prior to this picture he was eating dirt.

My little buddy while I made his curtains.
No pictures of those yet since they're currently
 hanging on pins because I haven't bought a rod yet.
Classy, people. Classy.

He loves to 'read' books - large and small.

His pajama drawer is the 'go-to' drawer. He loves
 to empty it out, fill it with toys, and sit and play. He also puts
away ALL clothes in that drawer whether or not
they belong there. (i.e. daddy's shirts, mommy's socks, etc.)

The swing has been a favorite past-time for a
couple of weeks now. This was the second day we had
the swing and he wanted out there the minute he
 was awake. He is still in his jammies in this picture.

A favorite game of Sprout's is to put his blanket over his head and walk around bumping into things. Right before I started taking this video he was walking around for minutes at a time with the blanket over his head while bouncing off of the living room furniture and walls.

Mr. Mitchell had Sprout help him make a sandwich. Right before I took this video Sprout successfully stole the cheese right off of the sandwich. He's decided that sandwich making is pretty fun.

Sprout's vocabulary has been steadily growing. Sometimes it takes quite a bit of detective work to figure out what he's labeling, but he's always so proud once we figure it out. Here are some things he says

buh-bye = bye-bye
nigh-nigh = night-night
deuce = juice/milk
peace = please
no = nose
airs = ears
he-air = hair
mau = mouth
baw = ball
baw-baw = basket/bathub/blanket - most multi-syllable 'b' words
side = outside/swing
beh = book

Those are the just the ones off of the top of my head that he says correctly or are easy to type phonetically, but there are many more. He doesn't know how to say 'yes' yet, so, when offered options he'll say 'no' to the ones he doesn't want and either stays silent or says 'please' for the one he does want.

That wraps it up for this month. I'm sorry my posts have been blah lately. I'll try and get better at taking pictures and things so I have more to share.

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