Saturday, 30 April 2016

March 2016

March this year consisted of a bridal shower (see prior post), Easter, and family pictures.

I made Caleb a bow tie with better luck than last time, but it still needs work. The Easter egg hunt had to be confined to the front porch since it was raining.

Sprout enjoyed stealing his sister's eggs out of her basket, and Little Lady was just thrilled to have a basket.

We attempted our own family pictures this year with our new tripod. They 'll do. :)

Mitchell Reunion in Eagle Crest

Mr. Mitchell's family had a reunion in Eagle Crest the first weekend in April; unfortunately, he was unable to attend due to a work obligation that had him down in St. George. I still went and made the voyage myself since we hadn't seen any of the family in a year and a half (nobody had met our Little Lady except for her grandparents). I feel like a schmuck because I forgot the camera, so, all of these are stolen or taken with my sweet skillzzz on my phone. Not that it would have really mattered: my sweet Little Lady seemed convinced the entire weekend that everybody was going to try and kidnap her. She spent MOST of her time on my lap or freaking out.

First up, the drive:

"Oooohh! Oregon is so beautiful and majestic and blah, blah, blah." These people are liars. Or at least it felt that way when I had been driving through this for eternity.

Most of the group went to Peterson's Rock Garden (I stayed at the rental with a finally sleeping baby). Apparently Sprout loved it and got to pee in a water bottle for the first time. *tear* He's finally becoming a big boy.

With a Wirt cousin.

With the coveted feather.
With a Wirt cousin and an Oregon Mitchell cousin.

There was a pool for guest use that had a little wading pool for little guys. Sprout and Little Lady were both big fans, and we were able to go play with our California Mitchell cousins. (Sorry the pictures are SO blurry.) Little Lady had a massive blow out on the drive over, so, she ended up swimming in just a diaper that Aunt Liz lovingly bought for her since I had brought no money with me.

At the house we had lots of conversation, chalk, bubbles, food, air hockey, walking trails, and a pretty view.

Pajama conversation with Aunt Liz.

All of the Mitchell grandkids.

About two weeks apart, and good buds.

Grandpa with the granddaughters.

All of the grandsons.

The view.

I was very grateful to give my kids the opportunity to see these cousins they hardly know. Hopefully they can all grow up to be good friends!

Gabi's Bridal Shower

My mom enlisted my help for a bridal shower for my new sister-in-law so that Gabi would have the opportunity to meet my mom's friends. It was so much fun to hear all of the stories the women had to share about Garrison - most of them have known him since he was pretty little. Gabi was a sweetheart and helped us get everything set up even though she was the honoree and feeling sick. My mom did a wonderful job of filling everyone's bellies with delicious foods and funding some cute decorations done up by yours truly.

*Disclaimer: I couldn't get the pictures to get into any order that made sense without everything getting wonky. Just go with the non-flow.


We are missing a few women in here; we are so grateful for everyone that came!

Queen Hostess.



The typewriter was the guest book. It was hilarious.

I had to spotlight my favorite tea cup. I want it.

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