Saturday, 14 November 2015

Halloween Festivities 2015

Happy Late Halloween!

Sprout has been very excited about the changing seasons since reading a book all about it. He noticed the leaves falling and could not wait to get them all raked up so it could 'officially' be autumn time.

October is a favorite month around here, and one of my favorite things is going to the pumpkin patch. This year we were in a new town and had to discover a new place, but we ended up being happy with it. 

He was excited about the corn cob cannon...

...and then he wasn't.

Sitting on his throne of  hay while we waited for the hayride.

For Halloween we went with a Peter Pan theme. I made my Wendy dress using a pattern for a Regency period dress, I made Sprout's Peter Pan costume using a few online tutorials, and I had to make-up the Tinkerbell costume as I went since I didn't want the Little Lady to freeze in an actual Tinkerbell costume or spend $40 on one from the Disney store. People seemed to get it when they saw her with our little Peter Pan even though she didn't look at all like Disney's Tinkerbell. I left Mr. Mitchell to his own devices with Captain Hook.

Sprout got the hang of trick-or-treating very quickly and loved it! He also enjoyed handing out candy to our trick-or-treaters once he figured out they weren't knocking on our door to give him more candy for his personal bucket. For some reason Little Lady was incredibly concerned the entire night (as you can see pictured below) and would only smile if somebody smiled at her first. We bought 250 pieces of candy, and giving only one out to each child we only had 20 pieces left at the end of the night between trunk-or-treat and our neighborhood kids. it was very fun.

Mr. Mitchell always does a fun jack-o-lantern and is quite good at it (especially considering he doesn't have any fancy pants tools to do it with). 

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