Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Sometimes I Get Bored...

I have made a new friend and we tend to get bored. We enjoy writing stories...the kind where we each take three lines and then fold the paper over so the next person can only see the last line. We created an awesome story today that actually seemed to flow despite the fact we had no idea where the person before us wanted the story to go. The italicized lines are my part of the story and the regular font lines are Collette's. I would now like to share this gem.

Collette was sitting in her Instructional
Strategies & Assessment class feeling incredibly
bored. She decided she needed to entertain

the entire class. Having complete confidence in how
cool she was, she got up and started to dance.
But then her uterus started to hurt, she bent over
to attempt a hand stand (for that is the cure-
all for uterus pains) but her pants ripped.
In embarrassment, Collete ran out the door.

As she ran to the bathroom she heard everyone
laughing behind her. When suddenly out from a dark corner
came a hooded shadowy figure. It dove at Collette
and tackled her to the ground. After a quick and slightly
awkward skirmish Collette got to her feet and found
the hooded figure had fixed her pants. "Who are you?"

The shadowed face turned away, gathered his things,
and bolted away. Collette realized the escape effort
and stuck her foot out. The figure fell, the hood uncovering
Daniel Radcliffe, a.k.a. Harry Potter. Either his career
was at an all-time low or he truly believed he
was a wizard. Either way, he was better entertainment.

Her uterus now healed she grabbed his hand
and pulled him to the classroom. Keeping him outside
the door she walked in and started dancing. Slowly the wizard entered
doing the worm. One by one the students realized
it was Daniel Radcliffe. Some screamed and clapped
in excitement and some shot spit wads. The dance duo

ended when the teacher grabbed her sword from
its invisible sheath and pointed the blade in
the wizard's face. She threatened to slit his throat.
Daniel Radcliffe didn't like this idea so he ran
away to tackle and entertain someone else. Collette
went back to class and resigned herself to boredom.

What can I say? Class was pointless today.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Disgruntled & Discouraged: Please Pity Me

I am decidedly disgruntled and discouraged. I am in such an expensive major and it is really starting to get to me. This is a picture of my $630 worth of textbooks for the semester. (Believe it or not, this is not the most I have spent in one semester on books in this double major, rather, this is a normal amount.)

Mr. Mitchell and I do not have a currently functioning printer so I have to print everything on campus at .07 cents a page for black and white and who knows how much for color. This is how much I had printed off after my first four days of classes. I could take an updated picture of the binder but I might break down.

We haven't even finished our second week of school and I have already had to pay for binding, laminating, cardstock, and posterboard.
On top of that, I am in a very unorganized district. I used to be in the Jordan district which was on top of everything. Because getting married put me off of my graduation track I had to switch to the Alpine district which has recently experienced some changes which apparently translates to: Everything has been flushed down the toilet and you'll have to swim down the bend to get what you need - don't expect any help from us.
On top of that, the McKay School of Education is majorly revamping their program and that begins in the fall which means it won't affect me. That apparently translates to: Everybody that was in the program before, especially dual majors such as myself, are going to get erroneous and/or pointless information because people can't differentiate between the old and the new program.
On top of that, my student teaching application is due Tuesday morning and the one person left to sign my ridiculous 15 pages of crap has decided to go on vacation until Tuesday.
On top of that, my Praxis test is Saturday (which also cost us a ridiculous amount of money to sign up for because BYU stopped paying for it last year) and I have hardly had a chance to study for it. To buy a study guide costs quite a bit of money so I decided to check one out from the school. I could only keep it for 48 hours and now that it's the week of the test that is no longer an option.
On top of that, I can't find a job to help pay for all of these expenses. I applied for 12 jobs last semester and didn't get a single one because of my outrageous school schedule. I have applied for two jobs so far this semester and didn't get them because I don't have the necessary qualifications.
I apologize for being so whiney and pathetic. Now that I have vented into the world of the internet I will move on and become cheerful once more.
... ... ... ... ...this is one reason Paul hates blogs.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy Christmas Things

I have decided there are two, possibly three, types of pictures: There are the kind that are simply documenting history, the kind that are art, and the kind that are a hybrid of the two. Please keep in mind that most of the following pictures are simply documenting history and some are attempts at hybrids. When in doubt, assume the picture was taken strictly for documenting.
This picture was technically taken in late November at my birthday dinner but I loved the Christmas lights. Can you tell that I'm freezing?

The view out our bedroom window one wintery December morning.

Our first Christmas! The Christmas tree was donated to us by an older couple in our ward. Mr. Mitchell had to make the tree stand because the tree was so skinny and all the stands available for purchase were too large. I spent days finding us perfect stockings (that hang above the window instead of a fireplace) that complement each other but aren't too "matchy-matchy" and I forgot them when we left for Christmas. :( We were very happy with our first Christmas decorations.

On our way to visit my sister and her family we stopped at Temple Square to see the lights.

My younger brother is currently serving a mission in Merida, Mexico. On Christmas Eve we got to talk to him for an hour. Yay! I cried - I miss the kid a lot.

Mr. Mitchell had me open a gift on Christmas Eve because he was sooo excited to give it to me. (It was adorable.) My family has a tradition that each year we get a new keepsake ornament from Hallmark. I wanted to keep that tradition but Mr. Mitchell and I are poor college students and decided against it. Instead, he actually made us a 'First Christmas' ornament out of wood. Talk about a keepsake ornament. That's what I got to open on Christmas Eve. (Yes, I am in footie pajamas. No, I am not ashamed.)

We spent Christmas morning with my parents. Mr. Mitchell bought me a hat and 'hobo' gloves, which I adore. I bought him a luxurious robe and a Calvin & Hobbs book.

We spent the next few days with some of Mr. Mitchell's family. At his grandparents house we made gingerbread houses. Mine was supposed to be Rapunzel's tower (inspired by Tangled) but turned into more of a clock tower with a random dude hanging out at the bottom.

We finished the journey back at my parents' house for an annual family Christmas party where we got to see some more of my family. (Missing: Chris & Tiffany and children; Jayme & Steve and children; Britton & Tena and children; Garrison)

We had a good Christmas and are now both home sick. Sweet.
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