Saturday, 15 December 2012

Trying to Catch Up...

We have real internet for the time being so I can finally blog with pictures and it won't take an eternity. However, when I started this post weeks ago I was told I had no more room for pictures and I got discouraged. I was told that if I wait a few days Blogger might suddenly "change its mind." So, here I am.

Let's start with October:

My parents were able to come and stay for a few days to meet C.G. We snagged the opportunity to have him blessed while my dad was in town and could participate. Grammy and Grandpa Earls came back down for the blessing as well.

Bath time with Grandma Holdaway.

He seems to like it okay at the this point.

After the blessing with Grandma and Grandpa Holdaway.

I believe all three of us were a little tired here.

He had had enough for the day.

At C.G.'s three week mark we went to a pumpkin patch with Luke, Liz, and their boys. It was a little disappointing because they charged a hefty entrance fee and then there was hardly anything to do inside that was covered by that cost. We'll have to find a different place next year. We had good company, however, so we still had a good time.

Brothers and babies.

Corn field.

First train ride.

Mr. Mitchell at the pumpkin cannon.

Mr. Mitchell trying to feed C.G.

Mr. Mitchell educating his son
on the ways of the helicopter.

On the 25th C.G. turned one month old. I took some pictures to commemorate.

A small taste of the furrowed brow.

Cute little potato bug.

He likes his books already.

Sleepy boy.

Then we had Halloween and its activities. Also, Mr. Mitchell's brother, Joey, and his girlfriend came into town for Halloween.
Hanging with his cousin.

Chocolate chip pumpkin bread, butter beer, and carving pumpkins.

Father/son bonding.

He participated in the pumpkin carving.

Mr. Mitchell's final product.

C.G. and Uncle Joey.
And, of course, all through the month of October our little boy was as cute as can be.

He's a pothead of the pacifier variety.

Contemplating his first move as president.

Tummy time with Dad.

Being a good boy.

Little angel.

Our wedding shoes with C.G.'s first shoe.

Don't deny he has sweet hair.

And now we move to November:

I wasn't nearly as camera happy, and it was kind of a rough month.

Post-bath and pre-massage.

Reading with dad.

C.G. does not like the laundry basket.

Lounging on his boppy.

 We moved...again...the third time in 2012.

Our home for 6 months in California.
 We spent Thanksgiving at Mr. Mitchell's grandma's.
Hanging out with 'Granty' Martha
(Great Aunt = Granty)

Thanksgiving day with Dad.

Thanksgiving day with cousin.

Thanksgiving day with Mom.

It was cold in that house!
 Then we went to Grandma and Grandpa Holdaway's where he turned 2 months!

Showing his support for Dad and his motorcycle.
C.G. had his 2 month check-up: 24 in. and almost 14 lbs. His huge noggin, that made delivery so fun, is in the 98th percentile. I'm still laughing about that. He got his shots and we were both sad for a couple of days.

We love watching our boy coo and smile and kick around.

We aren't sending Christmas cards this year because of sending out the birth announcements. I found out that some people did not receive their birth announcement (including my own mom and dad!) and we are sorry if that happened to you. I sent them all out, so, I'm not sure what happened. If we were sending out Christmas cards, however, they'd say something along the lines of:

2012 brought temporary changes, such as moving three times, and permanent change, such as having a baby. We had some sorrow with the loss of a nephew and extreme joy with the birth of our first child. We have had a lot of trials this year, but we're hopeful that things will pick up, and we're grateful for all of our friends and family during these trials. We are most especially grateful for the birth of Jesus Christ and the chance we have to celebrate it. Merry Christmas!
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