Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Kids These Days

My sister has home-schooled her students for many years. Once her children started reaching middle school age they started looking at online schools that encourage project learning. They settled on Williamsburg Academy. My 13-year-old niece is currently working on a project with her classmates that they hope can affect the world. They want to encourage everyone to stand up for what they believe is right even if it means standing on your own. They hope to reach as many people in the world as possible in 24 hours. Give these amazing kids a hand as they tackle this ambitious project showing what young kids can do!

Not all kids are punks! Click here to check it out!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Happy Sundays

Now that I'm working Tuesdays - Saturdays I have gained extra appreciation for the Sabbath Day - the day of rest. The past two have been especially nice:

Easter! We had a fun Easter weekend with two of my brothers and their families. On Saturday we dyed eggs and had an Easter egg hunt. Each grandchild got a dozen eggs, including C.G, who napped through the entire thing. Consequently, we all helped dye C.G.'s eggs (not that he could have done anything if he had been awake). It was fun.

C.G. is represented by the monitor hanging off of the pink basket.
Even if pictures of myself are less than ideal, I usually put them on here anyway because, hey, it's life and it's real; however, this time, the only picture captured of me was sooooo horrible I left it out. Imagine Mrs. Wishy - Washy in a baseball hat and you've got me.

On Sunday we had a very pleasant day at church and a lovely Easter dinner. C.G. also got to finally play with his eggs. I wish I had captured his face when he first saw the basket. His eyes were huge and his mouth was gaping, and he could hardly wait to get his chubby little hands on the thing.

The following Sunday was General Conference for the LDS church. There were many wonderful things said, including appropriate responses to a lot of things for which our church is currently under attack, but that's not really the most memorable thing for me.

Something that was said Saturday morning has really struck a chord with me since I heard it: "There are few things more powerful than a righteous mother's prayers." Wow. That was huge to me. I have such a huge responsibility in being a mother, and Heavenly Father has trusted me to raise one of his amazing children. I have a lot of work to do as a woman, a mom, and a disciple of the Lord, and hopefully it will all culminate in me being a righteous mother who can pray powerful prayers for her children.

The second thing that has been on my mind since conference was the talk given by Elder L. Whitney Clayton called Marriage: Watch and Learn. I loved it - the entire thing. Mr. Mitchell and I are going to read it together and make a few goals as a couple based on this talk. I think everyone should read it. Seriously.

*I think I should get a round of applause for typing this thing one-handed while comforting my little fuss bucket of a boy this afternoon. (Teething?)

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

March 2013

March was a pretty fun and happy month. During the first half we learned that we'll be moving to Pocatello, ID for Paul's summer job. Definitely not something we had expected or desired, but we think it'll be a good thing. As a bonus, we both have friends living there already so we won't be lonely.

We had a very pleasant St. Patrick's Day weekend. On Saturday we hiked Table Rock, and we'll probably never do it again without a better carrier for C.G.

Beginning our journey to the top.

Almost to the top.

We made it!
C.G. was a trooper, as was Mr. Mitchell who had to carry him on his front. We almost had a fall, but Mr. Mitchell was too quick for gravity!

On St. Patrick's Day we wore our green and had our alcohol-free St. Paddy's day fun.

Corned beef and cabbage for dinner.

Irish dirt cake for dessert.
Caleb had bananas instead.

We wrapped up our day with a viewing of Waking Ned Devine. I crack up every time.

That week Grammy and Grandpa Earls came for a visit. They couldn't stay for long, but we had fun just talking and hanging out. We went to Powell's Sweet Shoppe and Mr. Mitchell and I were treated to a couple of meals out. It was nice to have them here.

Rolling for Grammy.


We wish they could have stayed longer.

That weekend we went with Grandma and Grandpa Holdaway to The Discovery Center to see Bodies Revealed and play with all of the cool toys.

Welding washers together.

And then, of course, C.G. was just C.G.

Practicing his mermaid dancing - he just needs to get his legs together.

He insists on being on his tummy on the changing pad.

Grabbing his toes.

Hanging out with Dad.

Finally a smiley picture!

Playing footsie.

Lately he works himself into the corner of his
crib and then falls asleep there.

My baby!

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