Saturday, 24 July 2010

Ta Da! We're Back!

More like "I'm back!" since Paul doesn't want anything to do with this blog. That's besides the point. I will now continue to tell everyone all sorts of things about Paul and myself.
WE GOT MARRIED!!! On May 14, 2010 we were married in the Portland, Oregon LDS temple.

We were blessed with the only rain free weekend so far that spring. People kept on telling us how lucky we were because up until our wedding the weather had been dreary. The very next day we drove to Boise for a beautiful reception where, once again, we had absolutely perfect weather. The very next day my nephew Gavin was blessed in church (we just couldn't get away from our families) so we went to that and then we finally loaded up the cars with our haul and drove to Lakeview where Paul went back to work the very next day.
Paul has been working with BLM fighting forest fires and has spent two weeks in Alaska this summer. Most of his time has actually been spent cutting wood so Paul now refers to himself as a logger man. He has been major injury free which makes both of us very happy.

I was able to get a job collecting urine for drug testing. Yep. I make people pee in a cup and then I pour it into vials and mail it to the lab. My very first day this guy came out with his cup completely full so when I poured it into the vial it ended up going all over the floor. Gross and embarrassing.
We live in a teeny, tiny house that is just perfect for two. We have a gravel driveway that leads to an archway smothered in roses with a bell hanging from the top. After going under the arch you walk down a little path that is in between beautiful bushes and flowers and trees (and weeds, unfortunately, since I'm not very on top of that)and then you get to our front door that has a beautiful rose bush on one side and ivy on the other. When you get in the house you almost fall onto our bed since our bedroom and living room are the same room and is rather small. It is wonderfully cozy though and we do have a washer and dryer in the little store room. The downside is all the spiders. Lots and lots of spiders that like to share our bed and crawl across my toes.
Paul and I are happy being newlyweds and are excited for our honeymoon to Disneyland at the end of August.
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