Thursday, 1 May 2014

April 2014

Time for the monthly wrap-up. My life has been kind of a blur lately, so I'm not really sure there's going to be much to say. I'm sorry if I miss something important.

We didn't do much for Easter because we didn't feel that any of the traditional activities were age appropriate for Sprout. Coloring eggs would have been a disaster, and he would have no idea what we were doing if we set up an egg hunt. We did get a little Easter something from Grandma Holdaway for Sprout which was very nice.

Mr. Mitchell and I went to 'Walk With Christ' in Pocatello, and that was very nice. It definitely put me in the Easter spirit, and amped up my gratitude for the Savior. You can click here to read about it and see some pictures. The pictures don't do it justice - there was obviously a huge amount of work put into transforming the building into the event.

My mom sent me a text about mid-April asking if I would be able to get myself to Boise if she bought tickets for Wicked. I was excited because we were supposed to see it in London together, but then she ended up not being able to come over at the end of my semester there. It ended up working out that my sister, Jayme, and brother, Garrison, were able to get to Boise to go and see Wicked. It was fun!

Trying to sneak a picture.

All of us.
The show was super fun to watch, and it was almost sold out. The guy that played Fiyero was kind of a weak link in the cast, but otherwise I thought they did a fantastic job. We had a great time, and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to finally see it. Thanks, Mom!

My dad gave up his ticket for Garrison (who was a last minute addition), and I feel badly he wasn't able to go, but he didn't miss out on all of the fun. We stayed up late talking, went out to eat a few times, and went shopping. Here's a little plug for Yard House in The Village in Meridian: they have great food! It was delicious.

Her lemonade was EXTRA good.

Watching the fountain show after dinner.
After our brief weekend in Boise I had to scurry straight down to Salt Lake for a business trip. I picked up my boss from the airport, and we headed over to Park City to view some of the homes we just acquired. In the morning we drove back into Salt Lake City where our conference was being held. Some of it was blah, some of it was informative, but it was so nice to meet the people I work with. Luckily, I was able to video chat with my boys everyday so I didn't get homesick.

April Treasures:

Sweet Moment: Sprout was running around the house singing something not quite discernible so I joined in with my own song. He stopped singing, sat on my lap, and snuggled into my chest. After I finished the song he looked up at me and said, "Please!" So, I sang another song while he snuggled. After I finished he looked up again and said, "Please!" We continued that pattern for probably close to ten minutes with him just snuggling in while I sang him song after song.

Sprout also really likes to drag me over to the piano to play songs for him. His favorite right now is "I See the Light" from Tangled. He'll have me play it over and over.

He's still in a container phase. He loves to put things inside of other things. A favorite is the laundry basket, but he's recently discovered the bathtub doesn't just hold water.

His mimicking phase has now included footwear. He likes to make me put on my shoes, and then he'll put on Daddy's shoes. He's hilarious to watch trying to get in Daddy's boots because he'll put his head and hands on the floor, lift his leg in the air, and then he'll swing his little foot around until it finally lands in the boot.

It's finally getting warm enough to go out and play. Sprout loves to go to playgrounds so he can stick bark on the slides. He'll go down the slides if we put him at the top, but he has more interest in digging around.

Lastly, a little video of our amazing, little boy. He is too much fun!

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