Sunday, 19 October 2014

Pregnancy Round Two

I am completely ashamed of how poorly documented this pregnancy is turning out to be. Quick recap...

  1. Found out late-May that we're expecting - tried not to get too excited.
  2. Had horrible morning sickness and fatigue.
  3. Mr. Mitchell and my mom were sure it was a girl because everything was so different already.
  4. Heard heartbeat at 14 weeks.
  5. Finally moved past the morning sickness phase at about 14 weeks.
  6. Started freaking out because I hadn't felt baby move and I was supposed to be almost 20 weeks.
  7. Saw our amazing little lady, was told she's perfect, and learned I was more like 17 weeks.
  8. Felt her move shortly after the ultrasound.
  9. Started wearing maternity pants at about 20 weeks.
  10. No more tummy sleeping at about 22 weeks.
I know that doesn't really do it justice, and I'll kick myself in the pants when I look back on this blog in a couple of years. I haven't done great in my personal journal either. Double kick in the pants. I will try to do better, and any encouragement might be annoying, but appreciated.

Belly pictures - so far from works of art it's embarrassing, but they're for the purpose of documenting. 

17 Weeks
After that first picture I decided I would use the shirt you see in the next ones as my official 'belly photos' shirt so that there's consistency.

19 weeks

20 weeks

24 weeks

I was told at church a couple of times today that I have finally popped. I guess before this I just looked like I was getting chubby. Per my sister-in-law's request I am including this 'unofficial' belly photo I literally just snapped 30 seconds ago so you can see the poppage. 

(I will try to remember to take an 'official' one tomorrow (I'll be 25 weeks).) 

I get the feeling I'm going to be enormous. I'm this big at only 25 weeks, and I have many, many more to go. Heaven help me when the Christmas goodies start rolling in.

Swore Farms Pumpkin Patch

I have probably said this a number of times on this blog already, but I love going to pumpkin patches, and it's not fall without one. We have one here in Pocatello/Chubbuck that fits the bill quite well. They take you on a wagon out to the patch where you can cut your pumpkin straight off of the vine, they have a great little play area for kids with tons of activities, and they have a pretty legitimate corn maze. We went there last year with Grammy and Grandpa Earls and had a blast, so I decided it would be great for this year, too.

We weren't able to go over the weekend as planned because my main man and my little man both came down with the flu, but Mr. Mitchell had work off on Monday (Columbus Day) so we could go then. It was dead. There was a preschool group taking off as we arrived, and that was it. We got the entire wagon to ourselves as we went to the pumpkin patch, and the farmer even let Sprout take the wheel of the tractor after the drive. It was a dream come true for the kid.

In the play area Sprout loved playing in the little house. Mom and Dad preferred the live version of Angry Birds.

Sprout was slightly obsessed with the tractor, and I was very glad that they took us out to the pumpkin patch with it even though we were the only ones there. 

"For some must push...

and some must pull."

He acted as though we cut off his foot when we got him down.

I couldn't resist the photo-op of my little pumpkin sitting with other pumpkins.

We wrapped up with the corn maze. It's pretty lengthy, but you can't really get lost since they use trivia to guide you throughout the maze. If you choose a wrong answer your path will dead-end. I would say it's foolproof, but I've seen some pretty big fools. It's fun, though.

I compiled all of the little videos into one found below. It's my first time trying to do anything edit-y with movies, so be kind.

I had a great time. I think Sprout had a great time. And Mr. Mitchell pretty much indulges me on most of my whims, but I'll go ahead and say he had a great time.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

October General Conference 2014

General Conference is a semi-annual, global meeting for members and investigators of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Personally, I would say it's an acquired taste as it is several hours long (broken up into two hours segments), and it was painful as a child. Let's be honest: it was pretty much painful until I was a freshman in college, and then conference began to mean a lot more to me as it offered a way for me to feel connected to my family. I appreciate it even more now, but I'm not going to pretend that it's easy to sit and listen for 8 hours.

This year I decided to try something that I'm a little embarrassed to admit at never having tried before: having specific questions in my mind before conference, and praying that I will find answers to those questions during conference. Without getting too personal or specific - I had questions about motherhood and being a wife. They are my priorities, but lately I feel that I've been doing less than my best at both due to letting the stress of life get at me.

A few conferences back I heard a statement that really struck me. It had an effect on me that I do not believe words have ever had on me before:

I think about this quotation often when I am pondering what I need to do to be a better mother. I suppose what I was looking for this time is something that can expound upon that statement. I discovered two talks, among many jewels, during this conference that I felt applied to my questions: 

Tad R. Callister

Elder Richard G. Scott

I loved the simple advice offered in each one, and I know that they will make me a better mother and a better wife. It is so hard to feel I am a failure at things that are so important in my life, and I know that I can be doing better, but sometimes it's hard to see where. I am grateful to have the gentle reminders offered so that I can start perking up my efforts.

The quotation from Pres. Packer is still the most poignant thing I've heard regarding my desires, and I hope that I can be that righteous mother who can offer up faithful prayers on behalf of her children, and know that they have a certain power to them. (I should probably pray daily that I will keep my sanity until all of my children are old enough to take care of themselves.) I hope that all women who have the same desires as me will listen to the talks I included above, and that they will remember what power their prayers can have if they are women of God and not women of the world. 

The last thoughts I want to leave with you do not have anything to do with this particular conference session, but they are part of the train I was riding on while writing this post. Part of my goal as a mother is to have sons hope to find a wife like me, and for daughters to want to be like me. It has caused me to reflect deeply (especially now that I know I'll be raising a little lady) on the next two thoughts: 
"Women of God can never  
be like women of the world. 
The world has enough women who are tough;  
we need women who are tender.  
There are enough women who are coarse;  
we need women who are kind.  
There are enough women who are rude; 
we need women who are refined.  
We have enough women of fame and fortune;  
we need more women of faith.  
We have enough greed;  
we need more goodness. 
We have enough vanity;  
we need more virtue.  
We have enough popularity;  
we need more purity." - Margaret D. Nadauld

Here's to Good Women by suzette

Whew! A little bit of pressure, huh? ;) Please pray for me: I need all the prayers I can get! (Don't we all?) Pray that I will be a righteous and good woman, and that I will raise righteous and good children. Pray that I will be a success in the eyes of the most important people in my life right now:

This picture is a year old now - sheesh.
Sometimes I still can't believe I'm having a little lady. 

They deserve the best. I pray that I will apply the reminders and teachings offered during this conference to become the best wife and mother that I can be.
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