Saturday, 2 March 2013

February 2013

The month started off with my visit to my sister and then turned slightly dull yet very busy at the same time. Mr. Mitchell's intensive EMT class was very time consuming, but we think it was well worth it. The class started out with 25 enrolled and by the time it was finished there were only 3. The national test is next Saturday so a lot of our time is still consumed with studying and pretending there's an injured person in the house.
Practicing on C.G.

Mr. Mitchell had to take serious advantage of his downtime when he wasn't in class or studying or practicing.
Playtime with Dad before bed.
For the first couple of weeks we had to squeeze Insanity in there. We finished though, and during the entire program we only missed one day because we had the flu. Pictures here because I said I would.

I finally started my job as a reservationist for Vacasa. It's been a slightly difficult adjustment because I'm working nights so now I'm not around to make dinner or help get C.G. into bed. It'll be a very big challenge once Mr. Mitchell's summer work starts. We are grateful for the extra income though.

C.G. turned 5 months. It is so fun to watch him grow!

Trying out his new toy.

Playtime with Daddy!

Believe it or not, this is a very common way to find him asleep in his crib:
Sleeping position: Hobbes-on-face
 I had to document C.G.'s bald spot. It's starting to grow in and I don't want to forget his cute little bald patch. We rub it for luck.
Lucky bald spot!
C.G. once discovered he could scream and had fun with it for about a day. He seemed to have forgotten all about it, but has since rediscovered it. Between his screaming and crazy tongue antics we've decided he wants to be a Maori boy. That is when he's not growling and trying to be a tiger boy.

C.G. really likes his Uncle Garrison's cardboard cut-out. He often seems to think it's better than the real deal.

He's getting better at rolling from front to back and will kind of, sort of, not really sit up. It's a work in progress, but he has plenty of time.

Overall, we're busy and all doing well. Hope you all are doing well too!

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