Sunday, 10 June 2018

Catch-Up 2017-2018

Some people say they are flying by the seat of their pants, but I feel more like my pants are flying me and I have zero control over where we're going or how fast or what we do on our way. Can you relate? Please tell me it's not just me.

So, I'll try and do a quick chronological update on our family since I haven't said anything since our eldest turned five. The other kids are going to think they're not loved when they read through these in ten years. Parent guilt is so strong. Must fight it.

Let's start with our littlest. She turned one; started walking at about 13/14 months; has lots of teeth, including a few molars; says quite a few words including mama, dada, all done, good girl, there you go, hi, bye, yogurt (gogo), and probably more I can't think of; she is a big time climber and is frequently found on top of the kitchen table and sometimes in the kitchen sink; loves to be read to; adores being outside, especially if someone will push her in the swing; loves to shriek when she doesn't get her way. Please enjoy one picture a month since the last update in September.

Our middle child is such a character that I don't even know where to begin. She loves to dress up as girly as possible and then go be a villain and murder her siblings, all while rocking pearls and heels. She turned three and has been speaking like a pro since before she was two. We used to get comments on it all the time, but I guess she's finally at an age where it's not surprising for her to talk so well. She recently had her tonsils out due to sleep apnea and an inability to eat well. (You can also read that as her tonsils were so enormous they were almost touching.) She also loves to be read to and enjoys puzzles. She likes playing mommy to her dolls and animals and being sidekick to her brother as she runs around willy-nilly with a lightsaber.

And, last, but not least, our oldest munchkin. He finished preschool this spring and was heartbroken, but he is looking forward to kindergarten. His social skills have improved so much (unless we have company over - then he's just an animal), and he loves being a helper. He's becoming a much more adventurous eater and is willing to try almost anything at least once unless it's going to be spicy. He still loves pirates, but he's also moved on to dragons. We have read the entire Wings of Fire series (10 books), and he's anxiously waiting for the next one to come out this month. He loves finding the librarians and asking for book recommendations. He still wants to be a pilot when he grows up and has decided he's joining the Air Force. He lost his first tooth and has a second one loose as well.

I'm out of steam, so I'm stopping there. Maybe I'll be better about posting in the future? Fat chance, as life continues to get busier, but there's still a chance.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Sprout Turns 5

Sprout turned 5. He was looking forward to it for months, and when the day finally he arrived he kept asking, "Am I really 5?" It was so hard for him to believe. He requested an Octonauts party, and I did my best to deliver.

I'm not sure where the 3 came from...but Sprout didn't care. 

Happy birthday to our favorite boy!

Mitchells Take McCall 2017

Paul and I haven't been on vacation since the fall of 2013. Every time we travel it's to visit family or for a family event. I was rather insistent a true vacation happen this year. Since the baby's still breastfeeding we decided to make it a family one and bring all of the kids. Overall, the vacation was a hit. We had a great time. I'm sharing the pictures from the camera since I haven't had a chance to get pictures off phones yet.

Our greeting party at our cabin. This deer was not afraid at all. He stayed right there the entire time we unloaded.
We had a deer in our yard every morning and sometimes in the afternoon.

Hiking what I believe is the East Fork or Lake Fork Trail. It was great for the kids.

We played a lot of Hi-Ho! Cherry-O and Uno Attack while in the cabin.

We rented a kayak a couple of days. 

She had mixed feelings about the sand.

This boy was in his element.

Touring the lake on The Idaho. 

S'mores night at the fire pit.

They enjoyed the wagon on the property. 

The downer part of the trip? Our driver's side window broke. While we were driving out for our hike Mr. Mitchell rolled down the window to enjoy the breeze, and it fell down with a thump of finality. We could not get the window back up. We drove from McCall to Boise with the window down. It was cold and loud. In Boise we tried to get the dealership to help us get the window up, but they wanted a chunk of money just for a diagnostic. Mr. Mitchell ended up taping a bunch of plastic to the window so we could survive the interstate home. It will still very loud, but we weren't as cold. Besides this event, we had a great time.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Catch-up Like a Maniac

I'm behind. I'm behind on life. This is going to be a hodge podge of whatever I feel like so I can consider myself caught up in this area.

Sprout Moments that I remembered to write down over the last who knows how long. So many missed gems. (I'll have to work on this.):

"I'm going to sneak an ax into heaven so I can whack Satan with it."

Sprout playing a game by himself:
Sprout 1:The Spanish are coming! The Spanish are coming!
Sprout 2:Dude, we're the Spanish.
Sprout 1:... ... ... The pirates are coming! The pirates are coming!

I'm the littlest scoop! (How he hears and sings "Little Deuce Coup")

I am a strong and powerful man for I have lived as long as you, the mother of the house. (Says this to me out of the blue at lunch one day.)

I never get cold unless I'm out naked in the winter.

Look! My first freckle! (The excitement at this discovery was adorable.)

He's finally branching out from pirates and ships, but they are still the favorite thing. His imagination takes him all over the world and into many different universes. He can legibly write his name and loves working on "preschool" things that includes practicing tracing and learning letter sounds. He loves being read to. His favorite books are The Magic Tree House books and would probably sit all day to listen if I would sit all day to read to him. He enjoys composing music and songs and is pretty good at storytelling.

Little Lady Moments that I'm recalling from my head because I just realized I hadn't been writing them down anywhere. (Big, fat, mommy shame on me.):

Her response after I rushed out to her screaming on the patio: "There was a spider on my neck and it bit me."
I was on the phone with her dad, so I put him on speaker and told her to tell Daddy what had happened: "There was a spider on my neck, and it bit me, and it punched me."
Mr. Mitchell: "Oh, yeah? Did it spin kick you, too?"
Little Lady wails: "Yeah!"

Me: "It's time for you to take a nap."
Little Lady: "No. I think we shouldn't." Proceeds to try to walk out grandma and grandpa's back door.

She did not like the noise of fireworks, but she did enjoy watching through the window, licking it while she was at it.

She loves to comb and brush my hair. Sometimes it feels very nice, sometimes it hurts like the dickens. She loves taking care of her baby and plays 'little mother' to EVERYONE in the house very often. She's a stinker about eating, likes to pick fights with her brother, and is most definitely in her terrible two's. She dances and sings between taking care of her baby and messing with her brother.

Sweet Baby Moments as I can currently recall:

She is a great, big wiggleworm! I can't hold her in my lap and sing to her or play little games with her because she won't stand for it. She must be squirming and constantly moving. She is usually happiest on the floor or being walked around. She loves watching her older siblings and is tickled when they sit and talk to her. She isn't scooting yet, but I keep thinking it will happen any day. She has two bottom teeth that came in a few weeks ago when she turned 5 months. She's still fussy, slobbery, and running low-grade fevers, but no other teeth have come through. There's not even any swelling yet. Poor baby. She's been sleeping through the night for almost three months, but she's not a great napper. She tries to wave and clap. It's pretty cute. At her four month check-up she was in the 3-4 percentile for weight, but she's been chunking up since she started solids. I'm very curious to see where they have her sitting this time. (And, no, nobody's obsessing over the percentiles or the baby's weight. She's perfect.)

Alright. Pictures and any thoughts that come with them. I have no memory of the last time I posted, and I'm far too lazy to check, so I apologize if these are repeats. Let's get this show on the road.

Grammy visiting shortly after Sweet Baby was born.

They all like to be on the floor together.
Sometimes it's sweet, sometimes it's murder.

Sweet Baby was blessed in my old blessing dress, just like Little Lady was.

This picture only focused on my sister. I guess she's the star of the family
We surprised my dad for his 65th birthday with the presence of all 7 of his children.

Easter egg hunt in jammies before church.

Rockin' the Easter duds.

Exploring with Daddy...

...while Mommy searches for her sanity.

Sister bonding.

Daddy loves to tickle her. He can't help it.

He figured out how to turn the hose on and proceeded to soak everything in sight.
I was not happy. He still tries this.

Waiting for the boys to come back with the kayak so we can have a turn.

Fun time kayaking on the river.

4th of July games - it was more fun than it looks. This pictures looks like torture.
 Although, at one point, my brother referred to it as the divorce game. So...

The boys' game.

The girls' game.

The baby's game.


Pretty sure Little Lady was having meltdowns all day.

He LOVED doing sparklers and watching the big kids light the fireworks.

Ok. Hope you enjoyed!

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