Sunday, 20 November 2016

Halloween and Fall Things

Keeping up with this blog is giving me a run for my money. If I didn't know I'd find it valuable down the road, I don't think I'd even try anymore. Here are quick highlights from October.

1) A trip to Tubb's Berry Farm because fall is not fall for me without a trip to the pumpkin patch. And not just any pumpkin patch, but a working farm's pumpkin patch. It just feels good.

I had to include this one because this pig cracked me up; he was eating with his head in that pumpkin the entire time we were there.

2) The day before Halloween we carved our pumpkins. I kept mine very simple this year so I could help Sprout with his. Mr. Mitchell went elaborate as he does every year.

3) Halloween. We were able to do a Halloween party in Boise the weekend before Halloween, and we went trick-or-treating around our neighborhood on Halloween night. Sprout had badly sprained his foot the week before, so we didn't go very far or very quickly, but he was still excited. Both kids did well using their manners, and I was proud of them for that. Sprout was worried that people might actually think he was the Big Bad Wolf instead of a little boy in a costume and felt the need to assure many people that he was just in costume. Little Lady was terrified to go to almost every single door, but once it was opened she'd trick-or-treat with the best of them.

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