Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Anniversary #3!

Yesterday marked our three-year anniversary. It was a little different this year. I was able to get work off for the night, but Mr. Mitchell had to be in Idaho Falls all day for required classes so that he can be ready to go out on fires. Consequently, we split the event's celebrations into two different days.

Saturday we drove to Logan, UT to do sealings in the temple there while my sister's family played with C.G. We are going to try and do sealings on every anniversary because we want to help other couples and families have the blessing and joy of being families for eternity. Mr. Mitchell and I are not just together until 'death do us part.' We're together forever; it's a huge deal, and we want everyone to have it.

The temple was very busy with weddings. It was so fun to see all of the beautiful brides and the couples having their pictures taken. We found an opportunity to get our picture taken without someone else in it and we snatched it!

Beautiful day!
Afterwards we went to The Crepery because I had been craving it since I went there with my sister in February. Afterwards, we spent some time with the Smiths and then we had to head back so that I could be to work on time.

Yesterday, I got three balloons (one for each year, and in our wedding colors) and tied a candy bar to each one with a favorite memory (or perhaps a few!) from each year attached. I had them waiting in the bedroom with a bottle of sparking cider. Mr. Mitchell came home with a beautiful bouquet that looked almost like my wedding bouquet, and he even meant to do it! Super cool. We had a lovely evening together complete with dinner from Texas Roadhouse.

Partial aftermath of dinner and movie.

Balloons and bouquet.
We're looking forward to the rest of eternity!

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