Sunday, 14 August 2016

Little Lady Turns 18 Months

I'm a little late in posting this because I forgot my camera at my sister's house, and then I forgot the blasted camera again. We're moving ahead with the photos I have available because who knows how long it will take me to get my camera home again.

At 18 months this girl is a talker. She speaks quite well and can put together two or three word phrases. She has four molars in and is starting to figure out how to run or go 'wewy fatht' as she calls it. She loves to play with her brother and snuggle with her mom and wrestle with her dad. She can be quite the drama queen and is starting to scream when things don't go her way, but for the most part she is very happy and easy to please. She enjoys eating most fruit and broccoli, but no other veggies are allowed past, or even on, the lips. Pancakes and yogurt are breakfast favorites, hot dogs and peanut butter sandwiches are lunch favorites, and any type of pasta is a dinner favorite. Everything else is pretty much a no go unless she's in a 'giving' mood and decides to make meals easier for mommy. She is starting to sing (her most recognizable song is 'You Are My Sunshine'), loves to dance to almost any music, and enjoys playing on the piano. She knows most of her body parts, loves saying animal noises, and likes to pretend to count objects ("Fwee, fwee, fwee! Five, five, five! Counting!"). She is a much bigger colorer than her brother ever was and enjoys sneaking crayons out onto the back patio to color the concrete with. She loves to be outside and asks to be out several times a day, and she loves to be in water so long as it's shallow enough for her to sit down. She sleeps through the night unless she gets thirsty and needs to ask for water. She's so fun to watch, and I'm excited to see her grow.

Recognizable Words and Phrases:
paddo - piano
K-bear - Caleb
mingo - flamingo
cappelar - caterpillar
Mommy! Are you? - Mommy! Where are you?
saddich - sandwich
dog - hot dog
appow - apple
nana - banana
gapes - grapes
stawby - strawberry
siwwy - silly
dross - gross
Danks you! - Thank you!
dwess - dress
dipey - diaper
petie - computer
work - (used most often to say, "Daddy, bye-bye, work.")
Gabba - Grandma/Grammy/Grandpa
My turn

That's all I can recall off the top of my head, but she really is such a talker and very bossy. One of my favorite things she does is walk around saying, "Happy Abby, Happy Abby" to herself. What a cutie pie.

This is the most recent picture I have of her on our computer from April 2016. She already looks so much older!

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