Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Paul > Sabrina

Some of you may find this title odd and wonder what it means, some of you may be wondering where we disappeared to, and some of you may wonder why you even bother looking at our blog. I hope to address all three of these wonderings and if any of you are still left in confusion, let me know.

I will first start with where we disappeared to since some of you might not care and will just want it out of the way. I was in North Carolina assisting my brother's family and Mr. Mitchell was in Oregon taking down wildfires.
While I was in North Carolina I had internet access, but didn't much feel like blogging since every post would just be sonnets for Mr. Mitchell or me complaining about how much I miss Mr. Mitchell or how I had done something and wished Mr. Mitchell was there, etc. When I finally got to Oregon to be reunited with Mr. Mitchell, we did not have internet access and he was disappearing to fires all of the time. So, even if I did get internet access, all of the posts would have been me griping about Mr. Mitchell's job or me complaining about how I miss Mr. Mitchell or how I had done nothing because I was in Lakeview and Mr. Mitchell was gone, etc. We have been back in school for a week and half now and we have had internet access, but we've been busy, and I didn't see a reason to deliberately take the time to sit and blog about how I'm so busy I hardly see Mr. Mitchell or how Mr. Mitchell's clothes were strewn all across the apartment or how great it is to know that every night Mr. Mitchell will be home, etc.

So, I have waited until this moment to reenter the blogosphere. Not only am I in a much more positive mood, but in one fell swoop I have addressed everything I would have blogged about in the previous 3 months in a very concise fashion, and will finally have something that might capture the interest of our avid readers, but only if you're nerds, like us. If you are, then I can see why we're friends. If not, I apologize.

This leads me to the next wondering. This post title does not refer to our overall beings. Let's face it: Paul is not in every way > me. In many ways, I am > Paul. For example: his legs will never be as good as mine. Therefore, when it comes to legs, Sabrina > Paul. In this post, I am referring to book reading. That's right. This is the topic that will set our adoring fans on their ears. Paul > Sabrina when it comes to reading books. We had another book competition this summer, but this time it was official. I laid down the gauntlet and when we wrapped it up a few days ago I had my rear handed to me.

The totals are as follows:

Mr. Mitchell
26 books
11,581 pages

Mrs. Mitchell
18 books
6,350 pages

Yep. But I am not giving up. I will challenge him again next summer and he'll eat my book dust.

Our recommendations to our nerd friends are Flyboys: A True Story of Courage by James Bradley (recommended by Mr. Mitchell) and The Clockwork Three by Matthew J. Kirby (Mrs. Mitchell). Our least favorite reads of the summer were Animal Farm by George Orwell (Mr .Mitchell) and Major Pettigrew's Last Stand by Helen Simonson (Mrs. Mitchell).

I would now like to address the last wondering: why you even bother to read this blog. You read this blog because it helps you feel better about life, it might give you a giggle, and you can say, "Thank goodness I don't live with those guys!"
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