Saturday, 2 January 2016


We took the kids sledding for the first time today, and it was a bust. I'm writing this out because I think when we read it a year from now we'll be laughing.

Sprout was very excited to go sledding after getting a new snow bib and sled with Dad. We got all the snow gear in the car along with some snacks and hot chocolate and headed up the mountain. The kid couldn't wait. He went down a couple of little runs with Mr. Mitchell and then decided they needed to go to the top of a steep one. His dad obliged, and we immediately regretted it. Sprout spent the entire rest of the hour and half of the drive home yelling and crying. "I don't want to sled; I do want to sled; no, I really don't want to sled; I want to go with Mommy on the sled; no, I want Daddy to carry me; I am not going sledding; wait, why are we leaving?! I want to stay!" We're not sure why he was so upset to leave when he clearly wasn't going to have anything to do with sledding after the steep run.

Little Lady was pretty oblivious to the plans but was wailing as soon as we had her bundled in snow gear. She calmed down for a bit and even took a turn on the sled once, but it was short lived. She soon cried piteously when we set her down on the ground even throwing herself backwards into the snow and rolling around like the kid on A Christmas Story.

Daddy felt sad since he had been planning our sledding outing for a couple of weeks and was so excited to take the kids. He was, at least, able to find a bit of humor in both of our children coming unglued while looking like marshmallow babies.

I actually rather enjoyed myself.

The sad tale as told by pictures:

Carrying Sprout up per his request only to have him
 start hollering about how he's not getting on the sled.

Has no clue why we dragged her here.


"I'll be cute for a second before I lose it."

"I'm going to be a contradictory, ornery cuss."

A ruthless mom laughs at her crying child. Not really.
 It was more the situation I was laughing at.

Sprout Moments #4

October 2015

"Mommy, can you start Halloween now?"

November 2015

"I spell you into a princess!"

"No. I the daddy. Only I snore."

After laughing hysterically at a scene from Despicable Me, he stops, looks at me, and says, "Can you laugh about that?"

Sprout: You paint your nails?
Me: I went to a salon and a woman painted them for me.
Sprout: What's she called?
Me: Lacy
Sprout: Let's go to salon and Lacy paint my nails.
Me: Lacy only paints mommy's nails.
Sprout: Let's go to a little boy salon and have them paint my nails. And then we'll go to a daddy salon and they can paint Daddy's nails.

flyswattermelon = flyswatter

December 2015

"No! Dad is Quincy, you are June, Abby is Annie, and I'm Leo! I have to tell you that EVERY night!"

Me: It's time to get your church shirt on.
Sprout: No, thank you. I don't want a shirt. I just be naked.
Me: You always need to wear a shirt to church.
Sprout: No, thank you. Not today.

After me repeatedly asking him to get out of the walkway he asks, "Well, where's the standing way?"

Sprout has recently taken to telling stories. They always start with "Once upon a time," usually include several "One day..."'s, and can be quite creative. My personal favorite was one about a bird named Cheffer that had a bad king trying to take over his bird house.

I woke up at 2 in the morning to a little Sprout voice asking me to come in the room. I went in, very sleepily, to see what was happening and he says, "Look! I snore like Daddy!" He then proceeded to pretend to snore. I was not happy.

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