Thursday, 1 October 2015

Life Moments

I don't find much time for blogging lately, but decided to make time tonight to help calm myself. It's been a very rough toddler day, and I need to create something. This is the best it gets. Let's play catch-up with pictures and as few words as possible. (Ha. Is that possible with me?)

As I look at these I realize these moments are probably pretty meaningless for most, but they're my everything. 

Dierkes Lake

Faces I Love:

Silliness after our eventful river float:

Bedtime sillies:

Mommy's baking elf:

Not pictured: my exploding heart:

I love my Mitchell Munchkins, and I love my Mr. Mitchell. What a lucky girl am I.

Sprout Turns 3

I debated about throwing a birthday party for Sprout, and after consulting with Mr. Mitchell we decided 'nay.' We did a movie night with one of his friends, and we did cake and presents the next day with Grandma and Grandpa Holdaway. It was all very simple, and I believe he loved it. He's embraced being 3-years-old and is already talking about his next birthday.

I made a little invite for Sprout's friend and for the grandparents for movie night.

We made a birthday chain counting down the days. Sprout made sure to rip off a chain first thing every morning.

On his birthday morning he got chocolate chip pancakes colored orange (per his request) for breakfast:

We're part of the Barnes & Noble Kids' Club, so we went and got his free cupcake and explored the books and toys for awhile. (Apparently the Barnes & Noble cafe here is only for senior citizens that like to shoot dirty looks - perhaps we were interrupting a secret club meeting?)

After this we picked up a giant number 3 balloon that Sprout quickly developed a love/hate relationship with. He thought it was awesome so long as it was always tied up somewhere away from him. It was not allowed to hang loose, and he didn't want to touch it, but he always wanted to be 'oohing' and 'aahing' at it.

I had picked out a cute, new fall outfit for birthday pictures, and we were going to go to a picturesque park. It ended up being 95 degrees on his birthday, so there went the outfit, and then I got lost trying to find the park, so there went the great setting. I had to settle for amateur hour in the backyard.

Then it was sprinkler time as we waited for movie night.

I didn't get any pictures of movie night, but we watched Curious George with a friend from nursery and had so many goodies! I think he loved it.

The next day we had another very simple to-do of cake, ice cream and presents. I seriously suggest watching the video muted so we don't hurt your ears. Seriously.

This boy is a ball of energy that rarely stops talking and moving. Some days it's a very good thing that he makes us laugh or we might be tempted to ship him off. (I kid.) He loves all modes of transportation, dinosaurs, ogres, music, books, wrestling, imagining, making his family laugh, doing anything 'big boy' style, choosing his own clothes, playing at the park, getting donuts, and so many other things. We love this boy so much and are forever grateful, even on bad days, that he is in our lives.

Sprout Moments #3

June 2015

To the tune of Farmer in the Dell:
Tinker in the Bell! Tinker in the Bell! Fe, fi, fo, fum, the Tinker in the Bell!

Me: I love you so much it makes my heart hurt.
Sprout: *Opens his eyes wide and runs out of the room to return shortly with a heat pack in his hands.* You keep your heart safe. *Places heat pack on my chest.*

July 2015

Tip-top, tip-top = tick-tock tick-tock (he has a fascination with clocks)

"It's too zippered!" - expressing his frustration with a stuck zipper

Toodle = tool
Blue moon = balloon

August 2015

"I'm in the big trouble!" - He said this to me after he ripped a book.

Barber code = bar code
Swimming cool = swimming pool
Tokio = Pinnochio
Cucazini = cucumber and/or zucchini

He was getting very anxious to go visit Grandma and Grandpa Holdaway; after being repeatedly told that it wasn't the right day he grabbed the bottle of chocolate syrup and a zucchini, named them Grandma and Grandpa, and took them to his room to play.

September 2015

"Somebody is happening!" - He means 'something.'

"There are big people, little people, and baby people."

Tater chips = tater tots

On his birthday I kept asking him if he was 3-years-old, and every time he'd say, "No! Not until Daddy!" We had to wait until Daddy was home that night before Sprout could accept that he is now three.

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