Thursday, 7 June 2012

Our 2nd Anniversary

It's for reals. We've been married for two years, and we've really enjoyed them. There have been a few fights, but not enough to make us sigh in relief that the supposed hardest years of marriage are behind us. We recognize, however, that making it two years these days can be considered quite a feat, and for that we are proud of this accomplishment. We celebrated the occasion by taking a little drive to the coast and spending our anniversary weekend there.

We started the weekend by camping in the Jedediah Smith campground in the redwood forest. It was beautiful, and I was completely in awe of how dark it was at night. The trees are so tall they block out any light (i.e. the moon) that would otherwise have helped illuminate the campground.
Harry & Annie let us borrow their tent and sleeping pads.

I watched Mr. Mitchell set up camp.

Tall trees.

Our little campsite.

Campground road.
By the way, this campground was highly expensive and they don't let you gather firewood. You've been warned. Oh, and they also have the swankiest bathroom I have ever been in at a campground. No outhouses there. 

We got to play in a cold river.

More like Mr. Mitchell played in a cold
river while I stayed dry and took pictures.

Mr. Mitchell showed off his rock skipping skills.
He didn't know I was taking this video:

I feel so little.

Some of the trees had crazy holes.

I really liked the bridge.

Some trees were pretty gnarly.

Showing the massiveness of the grandpa tree.
 After camping we went to Crescent City, CA where we stayed in a beach house. It was right across the road from the beach and had a beautiful view of the ocean. It's not really a part of the coast where you can go play in the ocean, but the scenery is very dramatic and beautiful and you can go on very nice walks.

Battery Point Lighthouse
Very quaint and only accepts visitors at low tide.

On the beach.

Our "official" 2nd anniversary picture.
 Here's Mr. Mitchell writing our anniversary message:

Sr. George Reef Lighthouse
It's miles out and difficult to see; just follow Mr. Mitchell's finger.
 This lighthouse has an interesting history. I would recommend you check it out here
Using his binoculars.

Our last picture before we left Crescent City.
 We decided last year on our anniversary that we want to do temple sealings every year during our anniversary week/weekend to help bring others the happiness of eternal marriages and families. This year we remembered our camera and were able to document.

Medford, OR temple.
It was a smashing good time. We are very thankful to friends and families who made our anniversary getaway possible.

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