Friday, 8 June 2012

Baby Update

I've been blog-post-happy since I managed to get things going with pictures; here's the third one in two days, and then hopefully I'll be done for a bit.

I had a doctor's appointment on Wednesday and we did an ultrasound to verify the due date. The due date has been pushed back to Sep. 28 and our little boy is looking healthy. The new due date puts me at 24 weeks today and means that all of my belly pictures are a week earlier than stated...except for the darn blueberry picture. That one's spot on. Here's the picture we thought we were taking at 24 weeks, but is actually 23 weeks.

I conveniently blend in with the wall.
Since this was the first appointment I had that Mr. Mitchell couldn't make it to I was allowed to take a video of the ultrasound so he could watch it that night. We were also given a USB drive with the ultrasound pictures on it. Since the purpose of the ultrasound was measurements there weren't many shots I cared about (i.e. Sprout's bladder), but the doctor did catch a great one of the baby's profile.

We love him!
I love the video because I can see Sprout practice his swallowing and he has his little hand up by his head. It seems to be where he likes it because it's always there during the ultrasounds. The doctor said he's still breeched, but not to be worried because he'll change position many times before his big moment comes. His love for being breech explains why all of his kicks are so low.

My favorite part is 0:55-1:45.

Sprout seems to have decided to let my bladder rest for a bit, but he's still pretty active. Mr. Mitchell could finally feel him kick a couple of weeks ago and a couple of days ago we noticed that his kicks are visible from the outside. He's getting strong.

And there's the baby update.

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