Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Gordon Fruits Memorial Weekend

Mr. Mitchell's grandfather, Gordon Fruits, passed away in October. With all of the family so spread out the decision was made to have a memorial service for him later when most everyone could make it. This past weekend we drove up to Merrill with Luke & Liz for a portion of the memorial week. Mr. Mitchell requested that I take a lot of videos, which I did, but I will not be posting any of them on the blog. I will, however, send a DVD of the videos to Mr. Mitchell's mom and we can go from there.

A few of the Fruits' great-grandchildren.

Some of the picture-takers/documenters.

Rachel getting angry because I took her picture.

Rachel's boy.

Luke's boy.

Rachel's boy.

The gang minus Robert and Anthony.

The river where we sent Gordon's boat out.

Everyone watching the boat.
(Except for Danny and Mr. Mitchell - the stage crew.)

Mike and his mom.

Another view of the river.
They were more interested in throwing rocks.

The evening entertainment - mostly silly songs and stories.
Mr. Mitchell and I had a pleasant weekend and it was fun to see all of the Fruits siblings together. I hope they can have more opportunities to enjoy each other's company.

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