Thursday, 7 June 2012

Jury Duty

When we were in Boise during the week of the numb-bum I received a jury summons notice (for Ada County since that's still technically my permanent address). Nice. My second one in four years. I had three options: postpone it (which would just mean I'd have to do it while super pregnant rather than medium pregnant), get an Oregon driver's license, or suck it up and report for jury duty. Since Mr. Mitchell and I have no idea where we're going to end up, ever, we decided against getting a new driver's license and figured I should do jury duty now.

My mom was pretty stoked about the idea because that meant I'd be staying with them for a week and most likely wouldn't get called in because my number was so high. I'll let you decide, based on the following pictures and accounts of events, how my week of jury duty went.

My nephew, who is one of the funniest kids I know, 'graduated' from kindergarten. My brother Ryan and his daughter also happened to be in town for the day so we made it a mini-reunion. The 'graduation' was short and sweet and focused on the kids. Not bad.

Waving as he walks in.

After he received his 'diploma.'

My nephew with the Holdaway side.
We went to a movie almost every day.
Monday: We Have a Pope - an Italian film with English subtitles. I enjoyed it until the jarring end. Not what I was expecting, which I imagine makes it a fantastic movie to some.
Tuesday: The Artist - I loved it! Unique and refreshing.
Wednesday: The Hunger Games - my second time and I still enjoyed it. I thought they did a good job of making the book into a movie.
Thursday: Dark Shadows - stupid. Maybe if I had watched the TV show I would have liked it, but I don't know.
Saturday: The Avengers - my second time and I still loved it. I loved the interaction between the superheroes and the funny one-liners ("You humans are so petty...and tiny.") and I always get a thrill when good kicks bad's butt.
Meridian's movie theater.
My sister, Jayme, and her four kids came into town for Memorial Day weekend and we got to play.

We did lots of shopping to get Jayme's VIP party ready.
Go here if you're curious. I promise it's good stuff.

Jayme was cranky...and it wasn't because of the hat.

My niece reveling in her wig.

I was Jack, not Joker. Don't get confused.

My niece was the king (it was her birthday, after all)
and my nephew was Indiana Jones.

I got to be queen!

She also reveled in being Jack, not Joker.

My mom embracing her gray hair.

My cup was labeled 'The Pregnant One.'
Were you wondering about the hats? We were playing a version
of Scum inspired by the east coast Holdaways.

This is how my nephews spent most of their time.

It was my niece's birthday and that week I had decided I must become excellent at baking things. I made cheesecake pops in place of a birthday cake. They tasted good, but they turned out ugly the first time around. She was a good sport about it. The second round looked much, much better. I should've snagged a picture of one of those babies.

The baker and the birthday girl.
Not featured in pictures were a pedicure, my mom buying me some maternity clothes, going out to eat, and watching Eureka with my dad. I was absolutely spoiled and it was sooo much fun! Thank you Mom and Dad for a wonderful jury duty week!

(Can you guess whether or not I was ever called in?)

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  1. what a hassle, to wait all weekend for a jury duty call. looks like you had fun though! also I've added you to my running-list of people who like to play scum. next time were within half hours driving distance of each other, scum's the word!


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