Saturday, 30 April 2016

Sprout Moments #5 (January - April 2016)

January 2016

"I want a smiley-face chocolate chip pancake because I'm happy I'm here with you and Daddy and baby. If you and Daddy and baby leave then I will have a sad pancake."

"Precious Mommy! I need you!"

Me: We have 20 minutes until dinner. Should we do a puzzle?
Sprout: Let's sit on the couch and look at the red thing* and movies.
Me: Ooookaaayyy...I guess we can go sit on the couch and stare at our movies.
Sprout: Wow! Look at those movies! How cute!
*entertainment center

After pretending to be a bear all day we got to end with this 'gem' of a conversation:
Sprout: This little bear has to poop before bed. Bears LOVE to pee!
Me: (sometime later) It's time to flush now.
Sprout: No. The poop is still rumbling out of this bear.
Mr. Mitchell: Thank you for the graphic visual.

Feburary 2015

Me: Do you think it would make Grandma happy if we sent her a picture?
Sprout: No. Just her best friend named Grandpa makes her happy.

Sprout was painting a Valentine's card for Daddy, and these are snippets from the conversation he had with himself during the process:
  • Here's Daddy's head, here's Daddy's leg, and now his toenails. (This is the first time he's done anything that resembles a person.)
  • I'm going to paint my mommy and my baby and me. (He painted all four of us - heads and legs - and the correct size for each person.)
  • Mommy has a big head.
  • Now I'm going to mop them all up because Laman and Lemuel don't like my family. (He slathers paint over everything so nothing is discernible any longer.)
Listening to him count his crayons after reaching 11: oneteen, fiveteen, eighteen...

"This guy Joseph Smith is going to go find Wuthering Heights." He then proceeded to 'bury' Wuthering Heighs and then went back to 'dig it up.'

"That precious baby flinged her blanket right in the eye of me!"

March 2016
comarshmallow - commercial

Insists on being called Captain Jack. I'm Mama Pirate, Little Lady is Baby Pirate, and we're all part of his crew. We end up in the brig on a regular basis.

April 2016

Sprout: Good morning, Uncle!
Uncle Joel: Good morning, nephew!
Sprout (looks concerned): I'm Caleb! I'm a boy!

Aunt Rachel: Are you excited Aunt Liz has a baby in her tummy?
Sprout: I have a baby in my tummy.
Aunt Rachel: You do?
Sprout: Yes. It's baby Jesus.
(Rachel - I know this isn't exactly how the conversation went, but I can't recall your exact retelling of this conversation. I think I hit the highlights.)

Sprout: Here's your chicken!
Me: Delicious! How much do I owe you?
Sprout: 10,000 years.

I think this accurately sums up his attitude right now.

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