Saturday, 30 April 2016

Little Lady Update

All about our Little Lady:
  • Our sweet girl is 15 months today. About a week ago she attempted her first steps and is progressing quickly. The silly thing tries to run already and takes quite a few tumbles. 
  • She has eight teeth in (number eight finally broke through a couple of days ago) and it has been rough. Her teeth like to go in and out and cause her (and us) a lot of pain.
  • She has got a big personality - she loves to imitate, she loves to do actions to songs (and will frequently demand that we sing them so she can do the actions), she loves to growl, she loves to tackle, she loves to dance, she loves to color, she loves to read books, she loves to pretend to talk on the phone, she loves to actually talk on the phone, she loves to play with whatever her brother is playing with at that exact moment, she loves bath time and will try and hide in the corner when it's time to get out.
  • She will eat her weight in oranges and cheese. 
  • She is a big time mama's girl, but she always has cuddles ready for brother and daddy, too.
  • She is finally starting to grow hair back in on top of her head. She lost it all several months ago and has been rocking a skullet for far too long.
  • She can identify most of her body parts and attempts to say them.
ana - banana
no-no (sometimes accompanied with a wagging finger)
Da - Dad
Kay - Caleb
wah - water
nigh (with a wave) - night-night
bah (with a wave) - bye-bye
shit* - shirt
ucky - yucky
gin - again
dis - this
baff - bath
oss - soft
pear - prayer
gape - grapes

*makes daddy laugh every time

All of the other words I can think of are complete jibberish to try and write, but she knows what she means when she says them, and we can usually understand them.

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  1. Cute! She is growing up so nicely. I love the 1-2 year, old enough to do exciting stuff, but not old enough to yell at you. lol Christian said "shirt" just like that too.


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