Saturday, 30 April 2016

March 2016

March this year consisted of a bridal shower (see prior post), Easter, and family pictures.

I made Caleb a bow tie with better luck than last time, but it still needs work. The Easter egg hunt had to be confined to the front porch since it was raining.

Sprout enjoyed stealing his sister's eggs out of her basket, and Little Lady was just thrilled to have a basket.

We attempted our own family pictures this year with our new tripod. They 'll do. :)


  1. Love the family pictures. You guys looks just as young as in 2007 when you met. Cute... Ok, when did you guys officially 'meet'? Was it the night of the luau?

    1. We officially met that night you guys dragged me out of the apartment to go eat the dinner Paul made. Before that I had only seem him once across the room at FHE at the Maynards. Do you remember the Maynards? Lol.

    2. Ah yes, was this the only time we went to their house? If so I remember that occasion. 210 was definitely there. If only you knew the exact date of said dinner night so you guy could celebrate it. You two are cute.


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