Sunday, 31 May 2015

Western Days

So, in the city of Twin Falls, ID there is this thing called Western Days that is a pretty big deal. We decided to check out part of it. We went to the parade (Mr. Mitchell drove the firetruck to the parade, but he was not in it so he could watch with us) and the fair and had a mostly good time. More info. below if you're curious about why it was only 'mostly' good.

She was supposed to be napping.

He was pretty excited to sit on the sidewalk by other kids.

Mr. Mitchell's engine.

Just because we liked it.

The kids were pretty aggressive about getting the candy, but this nice guy was helping Sprout out.
After the parade we went and walked around at the fair. It was a madhouse which can be fun in its own little way. We enjoyed some steak on a stick, (Seriously, we enjoyed it.), people watched, and finally gave in and got some tickets so Sprout could go on the bounce house.

The first bounce house was fine and Sprout had a mini-meltdown when it was time for him to get out. We went to the second bounce house and everything was fine until a big, fat kid got in. He popped the bounce house in about 5 seconds and scrambled out quick as he could. The only other one in there was Sprout, and he got trapped. It wasn't an easy bounce house to get in and out of because it had a second wall with a second entrance and as it deflated the second wall collapsed and blocked the exit. Since Mr. Mitchell wasn't present, and nobody else had the presence of mind to help, I was stuck trying to hold up the outer wall while the bounce house attendant was scrambling to get Sprout out as Sprout was in full-on panic mode. It was not a good moment, but it turned out all right. After the kerfuffle we discovered that Sprout's shoes were nowhere to be seen. Bummer.

Other than that it really was a fun day. Next year we might try hitting up the rodeo and derby as well.

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