Sunday, 31 May 2015

Sprout Moments #2

February 2015

"See ya later banky-bank" as we drove away from the bank.

I caught him playing at my desk with items he's not supposed to have and he says, "Hey dude. I jus' playin' wi' dis stuff."

March 2015

His song through the parking lot one day: "Four six three hot dog! Eight seven four hot dog!"

April 2015

Me: I'm going downstairs, sweetheart.
Sprout: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Me: (talking to Little Lady) There's my little angel! (I turn to Sprout) Are you my big angel?
Sprout: Oh, no, no, no, no. I Caleb.
(Yes, I recognize I am not consistent with keeping my children's names out of my blog. It's hard to do - maybe I'll just go private.)

Grandma Holdaway took Sprout to his first ever movie theater experience. They went and watched Paddington Bear together. Here is how the experience went according to Grandma:
They arrived at the movie theater with Sprout jumping up and down yelling, "Paddington! Paddington! Paddington!" It tickled everybody pink to see someone so excited to see a movie. They went and got their popcorn and drink, and when Grandma turned around there was no Sprout to be seen. She did a quick look and found him in the correct theater picking out his seat in the very front row as though he knew exactly what he was doing. She brought him back a few rows and they had a little chat about running away. Sprout was good as gold throughout the movie and enjoyed his treats. After the movie they were walking back to the car when Grandma suddenly noticed that Sprout had on no shoes or socks. They went back into the theater where an employee was headed out with the shoes and socks for Sprout. All-in-all the outing went smoother than expected. Sprout has not been able to stop talking about watching Paddington at the "big movie."

May 2015

Sprout was running around the fountains at The Village when he noticed two gentlemen dressed up like Thor and Captain America as a promotional event for the new Avengers movie. Sprout ran over to Thor, pointed at him, and yelled, "Jesus!"  I guess Thor looks like Jesus.

Sprout had burned his finger on my straightener pretty badly so we had him keep ice on it for an hour or so that morning. At the end of the day, when he should have been sleeping, I heard him whining in the bedroom. When I opened the door to see what was going on he fell down onto his knees, and then flopped onto his face yelling, "Ice me!"

Directed at me while I was working out, "Mommy, stop dancing your bum."

Snork = snore
Macaroni pepper = pepperoni
Microwave phone = microphone
Sunbeep = sunbeam

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