Sunday, 31 May 2015

Little Lady at 4 Months

My Little Lady is four months old now and cute as can be. She rolls from front to back and back to front, and she is getting much quicker at grabbing things. She won't be able to sit at the table with me for much longer or she'll be pulling everything down off the edge. She is very snuggly and loves to have people sing to her or even just look at her. Her smiles go for days and will cheer up everyone that sees. She's at her chattiest when she is getting tired and will tell some good stories. She adores her older brother and loves to watch him play. She poops herself awake almost every morning between 4 and 6 am - it's exhausting. She has become a regular tummy sleeper and likes to have a blanket over her. Lately if I move her blanket to check her she has her little legs tucked up under her and her bum in the air - it's adorable. She is one of the most slobbery babies I have ever seen and will completely soak her shirt in minutes. We are more delighted everyday to have such a sweet and happy baby in our family.

Now, for the pictures!
*These pictures are of her in one of her dresses from her adopted aunt in New Zealand - this dress is so dreamy! I also had to include a picture or two of her in her Aunt Rachel's baby dress.
**Someday I will figure out my camera and take wonderful pictures. 

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