Sunday, 19 October 2014

Pregnancy Round Two

I am completely ashamed of how poorly documented this pregnancy is turning out to be. Quick recap...

  1. Found out late-May that we're expecting - tried not to get too excited.
  2. Had horrible morning sickness and fatigue.
  3. Mr. Mitchell and my mom were sure it was a girl because everything was so different already.
  4. Heard heartbeat at 14 weeks.
  5. Finally moved past the morning sickness phase at about 14 weeks.
  6. Started freaking out because I hadn't felt baby move and I was supposed to be almost 20 weeks.
  7. Saw our amazing little lady, was told she's perfect, and learned I was more like 17 weeks.
  8. Felt her move shortly after the ultrasound.
  9. Started wearing maternity pants at about 20 weeks.
  10. No more tummy sleeping at about 22 weeks.
I know that doesn't really do it justice, and I'll kick myself in the pants when I look back on this blog in a couple of years. I haven't done great in my personal journal either. Double kick in the pants. I will try to do better, and any encouragement might be annoying, but appreciated.

Belly pictures - so far from works of art it's embarrassing, but they're for the purpose of documenting. 

17 Weeks
After that first picture I decided I would use the shirt you see in the next ones as my official 'belly photos' shirt so that there's consistency.

19 weeks

20 weeks

24 weeks

I was told at church a couple of times today that I have finally popped. I guess before this I just looked like I was getting chubby. Per my sister-in-law's request I am including this 'unofficial' belly photo I literally just snapped 30 seconds ago so you can see the poppage. 

(I will try to remember to take an 'official' one tomorrow (I'll be 25 weeks).) 

I get the feeling I'm going to be enormous. I'm this big at only 25 weeks, and I have many, many more to go. Heaven help me when the Christmas goodies start rolling in.

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