Sunday, 19 October 2014

Swore Farms Pumpkin Patch

I have probably said this a number of times on this blog already, but I love going to pumpkin patches, and it's not fall without one. We have one here in Pocatello/Chubbuck that fits the bill quite well. They take you on a wagon out to the patch where you can cut your pumpkin straight off of the vine, they have a great little play area for kids with tons of activities, and they have a pretty legitimate corn maze. We went there last year with Grammy and Grandpa Earls and had a blast, so I decided it would be great for this year, too.

We weren't able to go over the weekend as planned because my main man and my little man both came down with the flu, but Mr. Mitchell had work off on Monday (Columbus Day) so we could go then. It was dead. There was a preschool group taking off as we arrived, and that was it. We got the entire wagon to ourselves as we went to the pumpkin patch, and the farmer even let Sprout take the wheel of the tractor after the drive. It was a dream come true for the kid.

In the play area Sprout loved playing in the little house. Mom and Dad preferred the live version of Angry Birds.

Sprout was slightly obsessed with the tractor, and I was very glad that they took us out to the pumpkin patch with it even though we were the only ones there. 

"For some must push...

and some must pull."

He acted as though we cut off his foot when we got him down.

I couldn't resist the photo-op of my little pumpkin sitting with other pumpkins.

We wrapped up with the corn maze. It's pretty lengthy, but you can't really get lost since they use trivia to guide you throughout the maze. If you choose a wrong answer your path will dead-end. I would say it's foolproof, but I've seen some pretty big fools. It's fun, though.

I compiled all of the little videos into one found below. It's my first time trying to do anything edit-y with movies, so be kind.

I had a great time. I think Sprout had a great time. And Mr. Mitchell pretty much indulges me on most of my whims, but I'll go ahead and say he had a great time.

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