Monday, 18 April 2011

Pie Party

Pushing Daisies. Amazing. I know. As a last celebration before people start graduating and leaving, I had a Pushing Daisies Pie Party with some of my friends from London.

Annie and Natalie brought a pot pie as our entree.
Annie is moving back to Michigan to ponder the meaning of life and Natalie is going to D.C. for an internship.

Kelsey brought nothing.
We still love her. She is going to grad school at BYU.

Ashley brought ice cream to complement our dessert pie, plus a lovely box of chocolates.
Ashley is a workaholic who is applying for grad school.

I brought a chocolate creme pie.
....I'm the loser that's still an undergrad.

After watching a couple of episodes of Pushing Daisies, we sat and contemplated about whether or not these are really things we want to be doing with our lives.
We decided no. At the end of a couple of loopy (due to sleep deprivation) hours we have now determined our true futures.

We are going to buy an Astro van.
Park it down by Utah Lake.
Make sure to have our KitchenAid mixer and Easy Bake Oven.
Use them to bake cakes to sell to picnicking people.
Raise some chickens.
And decorate with sweet beads.

We're thinking we can get funding by making it into a reality TV show. Who wouldn't want to watch three graduates and a drop-out live in a van by a lake selling cakes?

I'll miss you ladies!


  1. This is hands down the best blog post I have ever read. I was dying. It was just so beautiful.

    When are we purchasing the van?

  2. Omg, amen to what Natalie said. Best blog ever. And best life plan ever. I've always wanted an easy bake oven.


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