Friday, 1 April 2011

Paulhatesblogs Turns One

It has officially been a year since the creation of this blog as an April Fool's joke for Paul. Yes, it has actually survived one whole year under the wrath of Mr. Mitchell. I feel like we should celebrate. Instead, I will just share some things about Mr. Mitchell, our blog-hater.

First: Mr. Mitchell's Lines. He has said some funny things this past month and so I've been writing them down. I wish I could have remembered all of them or that more of them would have been funny out of context; regardless, here is a small stash of some funny things he has said.
Mr. Mitchell: (Holding onto his stomach.) "My stummy... ... ... ..." (Looks around with a confused face.) "*sigh*"
Mrs. Mitchell: "Were you trying to tell me something about your stomach and/or tummy?"
Mr. Mitchell: "I think so. I don't know." (Wanders off into the bedroom.)

Mr. Mitchell: "I fight with dings."

Mr. Mitchell: (Talking to my dad on the phone.) "I'm calling because I have an announcement...not that kind of announcement!"

Mr. Mitchell: "I would be such a good wizard!"

Mr. Mitchell: "Awww...they're perfect for each other. They're both retarded!"

Mr. Mitchell: (Upon hearing a whiny engine after watching the Oscars.) "What is that sound? Oh! It must be the award-winning score from The Social Network."

Mr. Mitchell: "Cement roads are slipperier...slipper...more slippery."

Mr. Mitchell: "I have such strong abs. They're just hidden under my protective blubber."

Second: Pictures. There have been some goofy pictures of this guy fairly recently. Take a peek.

Third: My Thoughts On the Man. After all, he is my favorite person.
Mr. Mitchell is an amazingly hard worker. He goes to school full-time and works, on average, about 30 hours a week. Sometimes he will do things like work 18-hour days so that he can take care of our little family.
Mr. Mitchell loves to have fun and that makes me happy. I don't think I will ever be worried that my husband will be a boring man. Sometimes he's really weird, but it keeps me on my toes and definitely keeps me laughing.
I'm way happy Mr. Mitchell chose me to spend eternity with, whatever the reason may be, even if he hates his own blog.

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  1. Happy 1 year blog anneversary! Oh and tell Paul that I think we would be a good wizard to, lol!


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