Saturday, 16 April 2011

Mendon Mayhem

We spent last week and yesterday up in Mendon helping my sister with some serious yard work. Mr. Mitchell cut down some gnarly trees that were potentially dangerous to the house or were dead and nasty. He worked his tail off and the yard is starting to look so much better. With many, many runs into town, after chains flew off of saws and branches scraped windows, our work is complete and we can share some documentation of the event with you.
Family tug-of-war against the tree.

Even this little guy was kept busy pruning trees and hauling wood.

My handsome hubby, Mr. Mitchell.

Mr. Mitchell hauling up the chainsaw.

Mr. Mitchell cut through a piece of barbed wire...and he was not happy.

We had a burn pile (made strictly of branches and stumps, the trunks were cut into firewood) that never seemed to dwindle, although when this picture was taken it was at half the original size.

And Atticus was a good little pup.

There's a little snippet of our most recent days in Mendon. If I can ever figure out what happened to my 'post-a-video' option, I'll post those.

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