Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The Much Anticipated Our First Date Part 2!!!!

So, PJ Prom was approaching and I had nothing to wear. I own about 20 pairs of pajamas, but still, I had nothing to wear. The big day arrived and I finally decided to take a trip to the mall to get new pajama pants. I knew what pajamas Paul would be wearing because he's obsessed with them so I thought I would try to get something that matched. I never even got close. However, in American Eagle I found a cute pair of girly pajamas with teeny tiny useless pockets and everything. They were perfect. My roommate did my hair in enormous curls and I pinned it up a bit to try and keep it somewhat tamed and then I sat and waited....and waited...and waited...and waited...and finally I texted Paul and asked him why he hadn't come to pick me up yet. He told me that I was supposed to go over to his apartment since he was making dinner. Psh. Fine. So I walked the 20 steps over to his apartment and the date began. He made me a delicious dinner of salad and steak and then we drove over to the building for the dance. We arrived a little bit early and decided it was better to be fashionably late so, Paul drove over to fill the truck up with gas. I thought he was just using his time wisely, which he was, but for a more specific purpose than I realized. We then went back to the dance which was now hopping and had endless amounts of cream puffs. We danced and had a good time. Here are some pictures of his stellar fire pajamas and my cute ones.

(Everyone can just admit it...I'm way cuter than Paul.) Anyway, we had a good time with our friends and just dancing in our pj's and eating lots of cream puffs. After the dance he said he had a surprise for me (which will now explain the impromptu decision to fill his truck up with gas). He drove us up to the Sundance Resort, pulled out some blankets, and then pulled out a star chart. It was such a cute surprise! Nothing fancy yet absolutely perfect. We spent quite a bit of time looking for constellations and stars and during our astronomical hunt, we even saw a shooting star. Paul told me to make a wish and I did. I found out later that Paul wished that he could kiss me and it wouldn't be weird for me. :) How cute is that? I wished that things could get better in my apartment and that the drama could disappear. Paul's wish came true faster than mine, but that shooting star did us both some good. All in all, it was a perfect first date.

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