Saturday, 3 April 2010

The First Time I Actually Met Paul

So, I have to preface this story with the first time that I met Paul's roommate. Paul's roommate is a big guy that has no reservations about touching people and that caused some problems the first time we met. I heard a man talking in my apartment so I poked my head out of my bedroom to see who was there. I had never seen this specimen before so I wandered out of my room out of sheer curiosity. Before there was even a chance to introduce ourselves this guy tried to hug me... ... ...I was not okay with this and told him to back off. After a few more awkward encounters with this guy and some of Paul's other roommates I really wasn't sure how I felt about Apt. 210.

Then the invitation came.

Our apartment was invited to go over to Apt. 210 for dinner and games. I really did not want to go. Like, really, really did not want to go. I have proof. This picture is me trying to stay in my apartment as my roommates drag me out for a free dinner.

My roommates won and we walked the 20 feet to Apt. 210 for an event that would start relationships that would change our lives. We got to the apartment and everybody seemed to have disappeared except for that one surly guy, Paul Mitchell. We sat there awkwardly for a bit and then this Paul Mitchell started to talk. He wasn't nearly as surly as he looked - he was actually really nice and helped make the awkwardness disappear as he prepared our dinner. We all ate fabulous hamburgers, started to play Scene It, and then Paul left because he had other plans. I guessed it had something to do with a girl and was bummed about his leaving. (I found out later that he did, in fact, leave me for another girl.) However, about 5 or 10 minutes later he showed up again and continued to kick our butts at Scene It. It was a grand old time and I couldn't wait to go back to Apt. 210.

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