Thursday, 8 April 2010


So, I'm sitting in my IPT class when my lovely neighbor shows me an enlarged picture of me that I'm feeling pretty certain she shouldn't have. I asked her where she got that picture and she told me she got it off of my blog. ... ... ...I did this blog as an April Fool's joke for Paul and only broadcasted it on Paul's facebook. None of my 'facebook' friends or 'real' friends (except my roomie) should be aware of the blog. Now that I was even more puzzled, I asked her where on earth she found the blog. She showed me that it showed up on the "Top Sites" of the internet browser of the laptop she had checked out from the McKay Lab.

(This is me puzzled...see why it's uncomfortable for me to be puzzled?)

Now a word from my lovely neighbor: Along with Sabrina, I am very puzzled as to how this blog showed up publicly on McKay MacBook laptop #1's Top Sites on Safari. So, creeper, whoever you are, just now you have been caught!! We know you're watching....and we don't like it. AT ALL.

All I'm really trying to say is: Hello to whichever one of Paul's friends is actually reading this blog! Hope it's not too disappointing and now that I know it is on public display I will try to make it more worth your while.

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