Thursday, 1 April 2010

The First Time I Saw Paul

So, I had just moved into the apartment complex. It was a new school year and a new living situation and I was slightly apprehensive of what the future would hold. Our ward had recently been organized into its FHE (Family Home Evening for those of you outside of the Utah bubble) groups and it was my group's turn to go visit a member of the bishopric. I hopped in the car with some of my roommates and we drove over to Brother Maynes' house unsure of who would be there and what it would be like. Picture the atmosphere in which I first saw my future: house of a married couple without any children so it contained many odd breakables such as a collection of kaleidoscopes, china plates, and various knickknacks; the house smelled of cats and pee although there never was a cat-sighting; middle-aged hosts - one with a combover and enormous glasses, one with an Emma Smith hair-do; 70's living room complete with couches made from brown, yellow, and green carpet-like material. After awkwardly sitting in the living room for awhile we finally did the dreaded introductions where everybody says their name, their major, and where they're from and everybody pretends to be interested in everybody else. Eventually we made our way around to a surly looking fellow in a black hat. I was expecting something like, "Jarvis McJagger" for his name. Imagine my surprise when the name "Paul Mitchell" left his mouth. I totally snorted trying to not laugh out loud as I pictured this guy shampooing some other guy's hair with his world-famous hair product. We then had a lesson and immediately afterwards I dashed into the kitchen for refreshments and started a conversation with one of Paul's roommates about Paul. Sadly, Paul had gone home so our official meeting would have to wait.

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