Monday, 9 March 2015

February 2015

Just some items to share from the previous month:

We dressed Little Lady in this cute ladybug outfit, and no matter how many times we tried to explain to Sprout that it was antennae on her hat, he insisted that he needed a Mickey hat, too. So, into the costume tub we went and got him a Mickey hat so they could 'Mickey it up' together.

Sprout helped me make red velvet cupcakes to take to friends on Valentine's Day. His favorite part was eating the batter.

Sprout has taken a recent interest in holding his sister. He once asked to hold her on the tractor, and we figured he could give it a shot since Little Lady's so good at holding up her head. She did great with him for a bit, and Sprout loved it.

Being a big brother is exhausting work.

All of my loves:

Grammy and Grandpa Earls came to stay with me the week Mr. Mitchell was out of town for work, and for some reason this is the only picture we have. They helped make sure that I got naps and that the dishes stayed done. The dishes always being done might have been my favorite part...

The weekend following I was able to host some of my family for a game day. It's a long story of how this picture happened, but it cracked me up that Sprout wanted so badly to be on his phone outside with the big boys. (Peoples in the picture: My brothers (Garrison, Ryan, Britton), my dad, Sprout, and my mom's shadow.)


  1. So, here's my caption of the picture of Sprout shouting while covered in velvet frosting:

    "I just ate the babysitter!"

    1. We thought it was a rather demonic picture, too.


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