Thursday, 8 January 2015

Sprout Moments

July 2014
Sprout: *shoves sippy (or 'stippy' as he calls it ) at Mom* Milk!
Mom: What do you say?
Sprout: Choc-it! (Chocolate.)
And, yes, he did get chocolate milk.

July 2014
At my parents house I was letting my boy fall asleep on my bed and then moving him to his pack-n-play when I came in for the evening.  One night I went in to discover he was still wide awake. He sat up and reached out for my hand. I gave it to him and he pulled me onto the bed. He pushed me down on my side and then snuggled his back right up into my chest. He reached for my hand again and placed it on his chest. We stayed there for quite some time. It was the sweetest end to an otherwise frustrating day of dealing with the terrible two's.

October 2014
Sprout: Mom's juice
Mom: Yes, that's my juice
Sprout: Apple juice
Mom: No, it's orange juice. It's made from oranges.
Sprout: *grabs apple slice from plate and throws it in mom's juice* Apple juice

November 2014
I've been trying to help Sprout understand that we're going to be having a baby join our family; I tell him about once a day, "Mommy has a baby in her tummy." Here's how well this has worked:
Sprout takes his corn dog and places it on his ear. "Corn dog ear!" He places it on his knee. "Corn dog knee!" He places it on his stomach. "Corn dog baby!"

December 2014
How Sprout counts these days, "2, 5, 4!"

I stayed up late one night working on the baby blanket and didn't clean up my mess of threads from the floor. Sprout came out in the morning to find my mess.
Sprout: Mommy make mess.
Mom: Yes, I did. I should pick it up, huh?
Sprout: Mommy pick it up.
Mom: You're right. If I ask you to pick up your messes I should pick up mine. *gets down and starts picking up her mess*
Sprout: Good job! Keep going! *stands watch until his messy mommy has every single thread up off of the floor*

Sprout: Eggs!
Mom: You want eggs for dinner?
Sprout: No dinner. Just eggs.

Sprout recently discovered how to make himself dizzy and has decided that Mommy should do it, too.
Sprout: Get busy, Mommy! Get busy! (busy = dizzy)
(I just walk around in circles as he twirls like a mad man.)

Why not hang out in the dryer with the wet
  clothes while Mommy is distracted?

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