Friday, 16 January 2015

Little Lady Baby Shower

I have been very blessed with some sweetheart friends here in Pocatello. One of them offered to throw me a baby shower when she herself had a one-month old on her hands. I accepted under the condition that she have my sister help her out. We had a lovely little shower, and we are now pretty set for this little one to come (sooner rather than later, right?). I am incredibly grateful for the generosity of my family and friends and would like to share some of it with you.

Do you want to see a close-up of some of the excellent food on this table? Of course you do.

This is what happens when you don't order ahead of time. ;)
Luckily, this one is still oddly appropriate for the situation.

No, we didn't eat the flowers, but they were pretty.
We played games:

We ate the above featured food, and I got to open presents filled with the most adorable clothes. Let's have a look at my stylin' Little Lady's wardrobe:

This was my blessing dress, and
now I get to use it for my daughter.

Yeah. Cute stuff, and if you almost died of boredom looking at those, I think you should thank me for thinning out the clothing pictures I selected to share. You're welcome. We were blessed with more clothes, blankets, books, and little toys. It was wonderful to feel so much love for my baby.

Katie and Jayme were my hostesses, and Holli and my mom ended up helping quite a bit with food and games respectively. Here are the hostess pictures of those lovely women.

And here are some extras just because I can:

Almost 37 weeks in this picture.

I had a handful of people stop by before, during, and after the shower. This is my Relief Society President dropping in for a minute, and I'm pretty sure my face looks like this because she just said, "hell." What a great lady.

My apologies to anybody who did not get pictured. I sincerely appreciate you coming and supporting me in such an exciting event in my life. I love all of you for loving my baby.

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  1. I am so happy you were treated to a shower for Abby! And actually, I thought the cake was awesome before I read your comment. Ha I thought that was just the hosts brilliant idea... you are truly celebrating Abby's birthday. Wish I could have been there! Love you!


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