Monday, 8 December 2014

OK Ward Park

The people of Pocatello like to keep secrets from outsiders and newcomers. One of them is how they decide when it's the time to drive like maniacs on the road and when it's time to drive like great-grandma-Ethel on the road. Another secret is this super fun park called OK Ward Park. We didn't learn about this place until we'd been here for a year and a half. Today was a fairly mild day, so Sprout and I took to the park. I brought the camera so I could practice, and I thought I'd share some pictures of my cutie. The first ones are ones I attempted to edit. (Please do not judge harshly - I am new at attempting 'good' pictures and still quite the beginner at editing.)

This one is my absolute favorite from the day. Silly boy.

I really struggled with this one - I couldn't make it look natural or better.
Also, he has this smile on his face EVERY time he comes out of this slide.

The blueness of his eyes was killing me in this shot,
so I decided to focus on them. Lady Slayers is what I call his eyes.

So, a bit of his head might be missing in this shot.

The rest are just pictures of my Sprout playing that I didn't feel up to tinkering with. Isn't he adorable?

Does anybody want to come and play with us? It will be a lot of fun...

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  1. Love seeing your little boy grow into a splendid cutie pie! Always cute but those growing curls are making me melt. Love you! Happy 2015!


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