Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Thanksgiving & My Birthday

Each year I keep getting closer to 30. Weird how that works, huh? For my birthday I got spoiled with a 1-hour prenatal massage. I think I need one every day. I got gifts and cards and phone calls and texts from family and ended the day with dinner out. It was lovely. I got enough birthday money to buy my glider. Yay! (Yes, I did take a picture of my empty glider just to show you all.)

We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner in Boise with my parents and played a lot of games. The next day we went out and did some Black Friday shopping. It's not something I normally do, but we had a few purchases that needed to be done on a steep discount. The chaos really wasn't that bad, and most people were very pleasant while we were out and about. We got a new camera, and it's going to take some practice for both Mr. Mitchell and myself. Me more so. As my high school photography teacher told me: I'm not very good at photography.

Friday night we were treated to the Botanical Gardens all done up in lights. Sprout loved it, and it was very pretty.

We were thoroughly spoiled by my parents while we were in town with good food, eating out at new places, going to movies, and just enjoying ourselves. We're back home now and trying to get Sprout back on his routine. We just love this little boy.

This year I am incredibly thankful that I have a healthy baby growing in my stomach. Such a contrast from last Thanksgiving where I lost a pregnancy.

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